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  • Trimming BO

    03. 11. 2011 04:31

Does anyone slim down their BO to make it so their shells fall at the end of their gun
range? What would be the negative implication of doing this?

You would save a little weight.

  • Re : Trimming BO

    03. 11. 2011 20:19

Ricky that's just because you've a low lvl BO. People won't trim their BO until +100 lvls.
I'm with richard on this one, trimming down your BO does make it much more effortless to
guess where you max range is.

  • Re : Trimming BO

    03. 11. 2011 17:20

I personally don't trim down the BO unless that's the SS BO. I want to see where my
shells land as a KM as oddly enough, I can't seem to see where the shells land from left
or right but I can see them just as fine north or south.

It is tolerable to lose some recruits, maybe experts for it but I'm not willing to take a
chance of upsetting the blue guidelines.

  • Re : Trimming BO

    03. 11. 2011 13:06

Trimming is a smart thing. You dont need effort to think what's your max range.

Ex. Pow blockshot or nelly. One does not need to know his angle. Just use his max
angle as reference and start getting attacked.

  • Re : Trimming BO

    03. 11. 2011 05:31

There are plenty of guides in which it is recommended to slim the BO's recruits/experts so
the lentgh of the guidelines match exactly where your max gun range is.

While driving a BB the saved weight is only a minor benefit.

Downside is that you may also lose a bit of SD. But that should be negligible.

To answer your question: Quite a lot of people slim their BO's once the have plenty of
vets on them. :)