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  • Panzerschiff remodel

    03. 11. 2011 23:15

well the most famous of the deutchland class panzerschiff (not deutchland class BB)
is Graf Spee, so can we have the remodel? its look cooler than deutchland anyway,
and have aft torp launcher.

  • Re : Panzerschiff remodel

    03. 12. 2011 02:27

Moltke is a variation of the Panzerschiff Deutchland, nf style, not the the WWI SMS
battlecruiser. The only thing they share is the name.

  • Re : Panzerschiff remodel

    03. 12. 2011 00:57

Um... the deutchland IS the graf spee.

Ships in this game are labeled by class and rarely do remods represent specific ships,
e.g., The USS Arizona is quite a famous ship so why is it not in game (because its a
Pennsylvania1930). Same with the Missouri (also very famous but iowa class).

There are exceptions such as the Scharnhorst>>Gneisenau but thats just to put a ship
in a large level gap.

  • Re : Panzerschiff remodel

    03. 12. 2011 00:55

moltke is a moltke-class-ship, not a deutschland-class
and who the hell needs torps on a ca

  • Re : Panzerschiff remodel

    03. 12. 2011 00:14

Moltke is the Graf Spee.... well not excatly if your really reallt specific about it like you
are trying to be.