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  • GB strategy for succes

    03. 11. 2011 23:26

Splint in 2 group, both side will have half of each ships, the flagship will follow one
group, SS and DD or FF will form scouting group, constantly sent out fighters, one
group go north, one group go south, CL can become AA ship, CA will form anti DD
and CL ship, DD will become anti SS, BB will kill other BB :P

  • Re : GB strategy for succes

    03. 12. 2011 09:49

I agree with you guys.

I agree destroyers do not make good scouts, I use every royal navy destroyer and
with operators in thier sixties that have never advanced onto anything further than
the Dido, and theyre sight range is not very good so in order to scout out the enemy
capital ships need to get dangerously close. Better used to patrol the lines against
submarines and maybe exploit a gap in the enemies lines rushing through to go
harrass the enemies carriers.

Submarines should not be used in A/S in my opinion as they just get in the
destroyers way and end up sinking them. Seen a submarine attempt to attack an
enemy submarine and he ended up sinking three of his own A/S destroyers and
getting sunken by the enemy submarine also. Also saw one submarine doing some
A/S within our own lines and this ended up with him sinking a destroyer and putting
some torpedoes into some of our own capital ships.

  • Re : GB strategy for succes

    03. 12. 2011 01:49

Clearly a point searcher. Lock Please

  • Re : GB strategy for succes

    03. 12. 2011 00:44

Not sure if troll.. but I shall feed...

Your description for GB is quite vague and does not provide much detail into
strategy but rather a (very) rough basis on which the game is already played. There
is no intended audience. What class of ship and I reading this for?

GB is a dynamic game and no set of rules can restrict what may happen. Sometimes
BBs move from their post north or south of help a falling hemisphere or just to help
the final push to win south. Also depending on the metagame (such as now) a few
low level BB would enjoy harvesting middle as well.

You mention flagship so I assume you mean GB2. In that case I hear no mention of
flag sinking strategy and counter strategy which is THE definition of succes in this

DD and FF make horrible scouts btw although not entirely impossible on some
occasions. Now, other ships can be AA platforms other than CL such as PCA.

This post does not contribute to line fighting dynamics, rushing tactics, or blind
fighting all of which as key aspects of this game mode. There is not one mention of

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish with this post other than a journal of
a naive observation. (btw web points are disabled) I am not doubting what you say
is true however i suggest you put a little more time and effort when providing a
credible guide.

Sorry about the rant i was hoping to clear up everything so we can lock this up.