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  • add range to KM

    03. 12. 2011 19:06

the arrival of SN finally kill KM, better range, higher damage value (almost on par
with RN). I cant think of anything more than increasing the range for KM, I use my
beginner SN dd with twin 3 inch and I out range Z99 with twin 5.9 (i can see well in
game). please inprove KM range.

  • Re : add range to KM

    03. 13. 2011 22:27

SN is not supposed to have the best range.
It was the web guy, who forgot to update his information.
You can ask in support ticket and check the game info/boot camp.

Best range change to long range. Now that's the information was fixed.

You can re-check the banner, they also fixed best to long range, and destructive to powerfull.

  • Re : add range to KM

    03. 13. 2011 22:23

tipsypo, SN is suppoesed to have the best range and damage. BUT their accuracy

  • Re : add range to KM

    03. 13. 2011 22:18

o.o we are asking a little improvement only if we ask for real life km's we would be owning everyone
with bismarks xD

  • Re : add range to KM

    03. 13. 2011 13:12

Or maybe reduce the SN? But make em really cheap to repair and arm?

  • Re : add range to KM

    03. 13. 2011 13:05

simply put, KM doesnt need more range. it either needs better turning force, or the
speed caps to be removed. Ore better yet, just better damage.

  • Re : add range to KM

    03. 13. 2011 03:20

$DE is just cut the range,why do you want back,can accept to be a slave of $DE?