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    03. 13. 2011 00:49

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Lets lifted some silver wings for NF,post one or two for any nation.

Because the Germans is have the Tech advantage i start with :

Try second links find some airplanes and post yours favorite.
If don't like Jets np kiss $DE and try french tier4.

  • Re : Tech

    03. 13. 2011 15:08

i saw the picture of the german jet and stopped reading.

for your future reference:

first jet powered landing Ryan fireball (USN) hybred plane prop engine failed and he
landed on a CV on the jet engine. these planes never saw active service.

first PLANNED jet powered landing and take off DH Vampire (RN) AFTER WW2.

also when the RN introduced the sea harrier they built a mock up of the deck at RNAS
Yeovilton to pratice use of the ski jump. with the sad dimise of the sea harrier this has
since been removed.


shouldnt this be locked? there are many many many jets threads

  • Re : Tech

    03. 13. 2011 13:02

I just noticed the name on that plane although does not appear much alike the land
based Me262?

Koala its not that odd that they would have done dummy deck landings using just a
outline painted upon the runway as we (am British so I mean the RN) did the same
thing well into the 60's (maybe later but I know at least into the 60's). Many reasons
to do it such as trials and development or just in a pilots initial deck landing training
or subsequent practice.

I just finished reading an autobiography of a Fleet Air Arm pilot during the 50's and
60's and he practiced deck landing the Avenger prior to going aboard HMS Warrior
for Operation Grapple using a runway with a painted outline and arrestor gear on it,
plus a guy standing alongside the runway acting as a batsman.

  • Re : Tech

    03. 13. 2011 10:35

@lionel2 Lol, they really did that? FAIL!

@OP Ehh. Like lionel2 said, not used on CVs. But really we already (somewhat) have
them. It's called locals.

  • Re : Tech

    03. 13. 2011 09:35

I also don't understand this fascination with jets on CVs in WWII especially ones that are
in love with the Me 262. There were no jets coming off CVs. The closest the germans could
get to taking off from a carrier was a painted outline of the Graf Zepplin on the ground.....

  • Re : Tech

    03. 13. 2011 09:24

Messerschmitt-262 had a shipborne version?

I don't see the problem with jets in NF, they would just behave similarly to locals.
High speed, very poor combat maneuvering, big guns, high fuel usage.

The poor maneuvering would be the balancing factor. The Me-262 was a hit-and-run
fighter. If you tried to use it as you would a prop plane, you would get a plane on your
tail and shot down in no time.

the Me-262 only had about 360 rounds for the 4x30mm cannons, so they ran out of
ammunition quickly, but hit hard.

It's lovely to watch a B-52 fall to pieces in under a seconds fire from those things :D

  • Re : Tech

    03. 13. 2011 06:28

that would be cool to have some jet in NF but they should require high lvl

  • Re : Tech

    03. 13. 2011 03:53

Sorry I cannot understand your post. However due to the fact you've posted a
picture of some jet and as this is the suggestions area I assume your just
suggesting we bring jets into NavyField.

I say god no! And when will these suggestions for jets die.