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  • Detection Indicator

    03. 13. 2011 09:13

An icon that appears when you are partially or fully visible to the enemy.
Submerged submarines viewing by periscope would not set off this indicator.
Submarines on surface will set off the indicator, however.

Small ships will detect radar of larger ships and know they are visible to them.
Submarines will hear active sonar and know they are able to be detected.

Discuss what impacts you think this would have on the game before you scream
If you think something could be better if it were done differently, provide an alternative.


  • Re : Detection Indicator

    03. 14. 2011 14:03

You are absolutely right. I hate those red arrows so I wait til the last minute to click
on the ships. I wish they weren't there either.

  • Re : Detection Indicator

    03. 13. 2011 18:02

It makes just about as much sense as the red arrows indicating that airplanes have you
targeted for attack. Why should the enemy know they are targeted?

Of course, you can avoid it by running them manually.

  • Re : Detection Indicator

    03. 13. 2011 09:22

This isn't a re-run of Top gun with "Goose" in the back seat letting us know there is
radar lock. The technology was there for what you are asking. The bottom line is that
ships didn't know if the enemy spotted them or not. A perfect example of this is the night
battles in Iron Bottom sound and the confusion that occurred.

This suggestion is just way to complex for the playability of the game as well as for the
historical reality of WWII combat. I don't see any need for any modifications, so no
alternative offered. Not recommended.