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  • Lost Connection to server

    03. 13. 2011 14:32

I get a "lost connection to the server" after 5 minutes of being in the game. My internet
is fine throughout the period. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Re : Lost Connection to server

    03. 13. 2011 17:32

@cambsguy I know mate, what happened to Japan is a tragedy and we have to
accept that. I really support them, i just want some words from the TNF to we really
know what is happening.

This game already had issues before the Japan earthquake, lag is just one more
issue that showed up right now, i got severe lag issues time to time since the merge,
thing that didnt happen in Nelson server NEVER. Crashing issue is a old and unsolved
problem that also ruins many GB2 matches due to unbalance or flag crash.

The solution of manual patch about the USSR sprite wasnt a problem for me, but was
for many user who cant handle system files, this solution is just...poor. The last HS
patch was a nightmare, and i stoped playing for half a month freezing my account
because of that.

At least for me that use premium, the game who depends so much in smoothness
since nature of the aim system, with lag, is unplayable and cause money lost every
day. Its becoming really hard to continue playing this game.

  • Re : Lost Connection to server

    03. 13. 2011 17:12

Same here, and it is getting to be BS

  • Re : Lost Connection to server

    03. 13. 2011 16:26

I am guessing if japan has power outages the Internet traffic that
normally goes through japan IP addys will be diverted and all that traffic
has to go somewhere causing lag on some less used IP.

As I said that's a guess and would need someone more tech savvy than
me to agree or tell me I am wrong.

But if this is the case then we should remember that this is just a game,
and what's happened in japan has had major impact on many millions.

  • Re : Lost Connection to server

    03. 13. 2011 15:33

Im in Brazil and my ISP is ok also and i didnt get lost connection but a massive lag
issue, game is just unplayable and the website seems to be slower than usual here

Some fleet mates and ingame players was saying this issue started since the Japan
earthquake, but i dont know how the earthquake could affect this. I think the NF server
arent in Korea or Japan (or are?)

The server is instable and the game as well. When we put the old constant crashing
problem with this recently patch issues and now lag issues, things become really bad.

  • Re : Lost Connection to server

    03. 13. 2011 15:02

I know a few people have been having this, we had 3 CVs and 1 BB crash in fleet league
today. What a fail...

  • Re : Lost Connection to server

    03. 13. 2011 15:01

yep here too.

all other websites/news streaming sites/BBC iplayer in HQ mode work fine. but this website
appears slower than normal as well.

if i am lucky i can get 1 battle in before i loose connection.

i am based in the UK, but i know there are power cuts in Japan, for obivoius reasons and i
wonder if the internet traffic is being routed past japan causing this?

  • Re : Lost Connection to server

    03. 13. 2011 14:43

me 2 get into a game runs few seconds freezes then lost connection glad it aint just
me wilg