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  • Boost SN AA

    03. 13. 2011 19:23

The two common guns for SN
dual 3.9 or dual 5.1 need to get buffed
either decrease the rld speed or increase dmg/shell


  • Re : Boost SN AA

    03. 13. 2011 22:34

SN trait aa is meant to be useable not good, yet, range of the 5,1" is subject to be
nerfed. While damage needs to be adjusted for having lower range, as well as reload.

  • Re : Boost SN AA

    03. 13. 2011 22:20

SN really doesnt have any AA to speak of dude... I know they have guns that can
use AA shells... but those guns are just normal guns. It's like US at this point...

Us AA gunners suck, so they use regular gunners for their AA.

But on another note... aren't those low level guns?? If they are, the reason why
they fire so fast is because of high gunner level...

But on an even other note... Why is this a problem? You dont give much though
behind what you suggested...