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  • many fleets please open other harbours

    03. 14. 2011 03:38

now we have many fleets and only 4 harbours can we have the others opend to
accomidate the increase in fleets please would this be rearlly difficult to put into
motion or impossible

  • Re : many fleets please open other harbours

    03. 14. 2011 10:50

I would suggest that NF open about 20 or more Harbors with varying sizes and
features available.

Harbors should come in 4 different sizes:

Small (Neutral), where unaffiliated players would get to use. Fleets who have not
captured or have lost a harbor. Basic Services, No Rent

Medium Harbor (Fleets sharing, renting and protecting their harbors, may be
attacked) Fleets would work together to build and rent harbors. Services include
lower repair costs, ship rentals

Large Harbor (Shared Fleet services for Large Fleets) Higher rent, better services and
ship rentals(PCL/PCA).

Premium (Victory Harbors constantly under assault, but with extensive services)
Higher Rent, better services and ship rentals (EBB/PCV)

Harbors should be available for all players, including non-fleet players. Fleet players
could join in a mutual coordinated battle for a harbor.

Fleets could only occupy one Harbor at a time.

A small harbor fleet can attack and replace a medium harbor fleet with a victory, etc.
A small harbor fleet cannot attack a Large or Premium Harbor. Only a Large Harbor
Fleet can attack a Premium Harbor. The losing fleet falls back to a Neutral Harbor.