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  • Ship junkyard

    03. 14. 2011 06:57

ok, so see that many ships in my shipyard are useless, a.k.a old and rusty. I cant
sell em for emotional value but having 5 B.Os at a time take many ship space. So i
purpose a junkyard in shipyard where you can put your old ships (with names). rules
are simple.

1.) ships are strip of all armor, weapons, FCS, engine (if you can) and most crew of
2.) ship can retain their name according to owner.
3.) junkyard ships are not counted in shipyard.
4.) ship must have neutral crew at least one for maintainance (ghost crew).
5.) no fee for putting ship in junkyard (after all, it is almost a junk).

recc and comment needed.

  • Re : Ship junkyard

    03. 14. 2011 13:28

so, essentially the hq can be your proposed "junkyard" =)

  • Re : Ship junkyard

    03. 14. 2011 12:07

Your right they use six slots, you can store them with the sailors onboard also, but
those sailors take up thier own slots but are signified as being onboard that ship by
a ship icon.

Lucw have you never seen in the add to hq window the buttons to switch between
adding a ship or sailor?

  • Re : Ship junkyard

    03. 14. 2011 10:02

Yes, you can put into the HQ any ship that is not a Premium Ship, Event Ship or a Tier 6
Ship (BB6/CV6). They use more space than a sailor, I don't remember how much exactly...
Somewhere around 6 HQ slots, but I could be wrong.

  • Re : Ship junkyard

    03. 14. 2011 08:54

we can put ship in HQ?

  • Re : Ship junkyard

    03. 14. 2011 08:20

What I can get from this is mainly that you don't want to loose the ship's name.

At least what I do when that happens is name an FF or DD in the neutral harbor to retain a
name I don't want to loose. They are cheap and you can have up to 6 ship names saved
there. Also, you can put them into the HQ with the name saved.