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  • AAW

    03. 14. 2011 11:17

How well is this understood? Is there an ability cap for the whole boat?

I would like to put something like 8 high level AA gunners in an Emden and see if it
can aute shoot down low level planes. Any thoughts?

  • Re : AAW

    03. 17. 2011 11:53

One day...

One day they will repair the darn AAW and i shall laugh at you alongside my gimped classed
at time IJN AA gunners.

  • Re : AAW

    03. 16. 2011 19:04

AAW is useless what you want for aa is a high reload ability rate. That is the most

  • Re : AAW

    03. 16. 2011 16:00

LOL we are all going in a circle. BTW, remeber the story of my never classed support
sailor for launching torps??? Guess what, I accidentally screwed him up from the start. He
was supposed to be a BO/sonar/planesman. So his +13 was potenial. No matter what I had
classed him in he would have just been a +9 anyway.... lol

  • Re : AAW

    03. 16. 2011 15:40

And I usually just follow Richard, Lukas, and V2. You're frustrated by SDE? These
guys have been at it for years trying to figure it out lol.

  • Re : AAW

    03. 16. 2011 13:35

I've listened and followed your advice many times! Heck, you've saved me from a few
mistakes, but these things happen. My frustration is SDE doing a lousy job of keeping up
with their own game.

  • Re : AAW

    03. 16. 2011 05:35

It is frustrating Lionel~ I know...
And yes you are going to find many opinions on these matters... Sadly you will
find veteran players selling Torp sailors with reload. It never ends. I did place
4 pairs of AA sailors in the high 90s on a moltke and then no AA sailors and the
result was pretty much the same. Can I say for sure? I guess not since it's an
auto feature but I think we can all agree there should be some noticeable
difference between 8 sailors vs 0 and there really wasn't.
I guess the best thing is to learn who on the forum knows what they are talking
about and go with what they have to say.

  • Re : AAW

    03. 15. 2011 20:35

Ok, now I'm seeing what is going on here. So USN AA gunners are really worthless not only
because they lose the reload ability but because AAW is not used as well. Yes and of
course in typical SDE fashion, they just haven't gotten around to fixing it. In fact,
blowing it off for year. I'd be that to fix the whole system would require a ton of work
and they figure no one would notice.

  • Re : AAW

    03. 15. 2011 18:17

Then let's clear this.

SDE Claim that they are working hard to fix the AAW ability, because it didn't work and
isn't working. It is the main reason why for an ellapse of time, they remove IJN Machine
gunners from the sailor chart in the game.

Off topic, but the reason why they are bringing back is just obviously SDE being lazy at
creating real aa gunners. They jsut throw great DP guns at MN and SN and create an machine
gunner, and this is why it is patched and now avaialable.

The only thing it is understood is aaw ability is "supposed" to do something but does not.
It is also the main reason why people who leveled UK,US,IJN DP or AA gunners are suggested
to delay class, because the aaw ability doesn't work. As a result they could only rely on
reload ability only.

  • Re : AAW

    03. 15. 2011 17:42

@ Richard, I'm not trying to prove a point, I'm trying to figure out what works and what
doesn't. Its also that I don't believe you, I'm just making sure.

@ Mako yes your right. I'm trying to filter things out and figure whats real and what's
not. Having not been here as long as either of you guys, its hard to know whats been
changed by this patch or that patch. Yes, have AAW working would be nice dimension to the
game, but at the same time I'd rather not waste any of our time discussing things that
don't work.

As I said a couple posts go, NF needs to publish data on what each stat does or doesn't
do. They need to tell people so that we don't waste time or money doing things that are
even enabled.

  • Re : AAW

    03. 15. 2011 17:29

I answer directly to his question which was AAW ability.
No need to add some information which will confuse him more.

That video, only proves that bombers ability used to work on planes. As a topic have been
posted by me. It was full explained. Nothing have been missing. These were full details.
The idea is to show bombers ability used to work.

That post can't be use to prove you point. That post, only, ask the effect side of
pilots having greater ability.
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