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  • LAG PROBLEM FOUND!!! Well found i think

    03. 15. 2011 09:59

my computer never went slow on nf when i would play nf till after the patch thats when
i got fustrated (as we all were) thats when i downloaded Game booster from iobit. and i
got plenty of fragmented you know fragmentation really makes your PC slow
and some programs themselves can be fragmented.....i would recomend u do this each
week!! Now navyfield lags no more...!!! ^_^


  • Re : LAG PROBLEM FOUND!!! Well found i think

    03. 22. 2011 21:11

I just downloaded NF after taking a leave.. this does not solve the issue that others
seem to be having at the moment. Though i do thank you for showing me a neat little
program, i'll have to start using it now:)