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  • Hedge Hog Attack on Subs.

    03. 17. 2011 21:25

Ok it is really stupid how if I shoot HH at a surfaced sub I get like no attack.

I 1 shotted a US SS3 and got 3,000 attack. Oh cool to know that the Barracuda has
16,100 DP. 3,000=16,100? I am not the brightest bulb in the building but yet but I am
quite sure that isn't right.

I have 2 shotted IJN SS4's and got 6k attack. Yippee another case of ripping off players.
Woot woot...

FIX IT PLZ, I will attach screenshots below.

  • Re : Hedge Hog Attack on Subs.

    03. 19. 2011 12:49

1. It happens with regular guns too. It is because the bonus damage that is done by
explosive shells on the surface isn't calculated into the total attack you get. The amount
of damage that is shown when your shells hit them isn't shown in the attack. It is only a
minor fault but is very annoying when it comes to your experience.

2. Sub suggestion thread doesn't work, no one replys or posts to it anymore. It is only
a rant thread for the bias BB/CV or bias SS players. It is pointless.

  • Re : Hedge Hog Attack on Subs.

    03. 18. 2011 19:58

This isnt really a suggestion... more of you venting... But honestly, HH's are not
meant to do alot of damage to anything surfaced.... its your own nooby mistake for
using them against surfaced subs...

Oh and if this was a suggestion... PUT IT IN THE SUB SUGGESTION TREAD AT THE
TOP OF THE FOURM PAGE! (Page #1 if you can't find it -.-)

  • Re : Hedge Hog Attack on Subs.

    03. 17. 2011 21:54

HH is ment for when the sub is submerged, not when surfaced, as for ripping off players
unless your paying real money and using the weapon wrong, thats your fault.

  • Re : Hedge Hog Attack on Subs.

    03. 17. 2011 21:25

Saved for screenshots.