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  • GB2 Change

    03. 18. 2011 07:59

I suggest that the cap for CV's in GB2 be reduced to 4.

The reason I believe this is that I have observed that rooms seem to always be
waiting for CV's to start. If it was limited to 4, they would start much quicker.

Right now BB's sit and wait for other games to finish.

Before you jump on me and tell me to get in a CV you should know I play my CV
about 50% of the time.

  • Re : GB2 Change

    03. 19. 2011 20:11


That was a pretty offensive response. For your information, not that your post
deserves it, I have T4 fighters. I got them by bringing them up from T1 to T4. I've
been on both sides of the coin. A really good CV captain who knows what is going
on can make a big difference in a GB2 battle with a CV1 and T1 fighters with a few
scouts. Can the same person in a CV5 with all T4 figherts make a bigger difference?
Yes, but there are a lot of CV captains out there who don't use their planes
effectively to win a battle.

Right now we have hosts that sit and wait for full rooms with 8 CV's which have a
ton of other ships and we have rooms that are expiring while people wait for CV's.

Maybe change the fighters so more people aren't frustrated with CV's? Or do
something else to make CVing more propular. That's a more difficult solution than
limiting the number of CV's so you don't have such an number imbalance in rooms
while BB's just wait around.

  • Re : GB2 Change

    03. 18. 2011 20:06

Just no... they created GB2s so more BBs and CVs could enter the room!

And you should have thought of this before you suggested this: If you are in a CV
with T3s or lower... Would YOU want the host to go with only 2-4 CVs, when those
other cvs have T4 or higher?!??!

Because i know i wouldnt... there have been many games where noob hosts go with
only 4 cvs... and the other team gets all T4 fighter CVs and im stuck on the team
with my T3's and the other CV's T3's or lower -.-

OH and what happens when one of the CVs is bomber whored out?!?!? HMMM???
then your screwed even more.....

So do us all a favor... and think before you post.... or better yet.... own a CV with
T3s and go up against T4 fighter CVs.... Hah... or know why SDE made the GB2 in
the first place.... -.-

  • Re : GB2 Change

    03. 18. 2011 08:06

The option to start with only 4 is still there. Would seem a bit unfair on those rare
nights that alot of CV drivers are playing.