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  • Can't log in

    03. 18. 2011 22:29

I have been playing fine before Wednesday March 15th, 2011. Now, I cannot log in
because every time I type in my username and password, and click Log In, it just
stays still for like a minute and then displays "Login time has passed" or something
like that. Also, I can't seem to access NavyField webpage easily. I often get this:

Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out.

So then I would have to press refresh many many times and sometimes it allows me
to access the website. I don't think it is my computer's problem because I have been
playing without problems for the last 2 years. Might it be due to my ISP? (Just like
the time when Comcast users couldn't log in either?)

My ISP is Telus, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Anyone else experiencing this? I already sent in a ticket but it seems to be taking
forever to get responses.



  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 23. 2011 21:31

Data Corrupted can be fixed by downloading the thing that fixes it under the
download section of this website.

The mods answered my tickets and I think it might have helped it, as I am able to
play now, with lag. Here's what you should do:

1. Uninstall Navyfield
2. Delete any trace of Navyfield and Navyfield Launcher from your registry (There's a
stickied post in this section of the forum that tells you how)
3. Reboot your computer
4. Download the latest version of Navyfield
5. Install Navyfield, but don't open it!
6. Download manually the latest patch from Navyfield website, and apply patch

Hopefully what I posted was able to help you guys fix this problem. Let me know
other things you guys encounter, because I have probably encountered it too... (I
spent 2 whole days trying to figure it out! xD)


  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 23. 2011 20:27

now i get "the data has corrupted" error in the login screen and reinstalling the game
doesnt help

  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 23. 2011 16:10

Ive been experiencing the same problems detailed above [live near Vancouver and use Telus too]

  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 23. 2011 15:53

I was logged in and playing 20 minutes ago, mind you with killer lag. but now i cant log
in at all!

  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 21. 2011 22:14

Somehow, now I don't have this problem anymore...

The following are things I did to resolve this problem:

-Connect to a proxy server
-Get someone else to log on with a different computer (not in the same network)
-Go in firewall settings, Manually set a rule to allow NavyField Launcher to run

I don't know which of these, if any, helped my problem. Hope this helps you guys!


  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 21. 2011 21:03

I'm experiencing this problem too...

Even though sometimes I logged in sucessfully, I couldn't chat and couldn't see
other's chatting. It was a total silent world......

  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 20. 2011 14:50

I'm still waiting for the GMs to respond to my ticket...seems like Sunday is their Holy Day
and they don't work...

  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 20. 2011 08:18


things that make you go hmmmmm

ya im still out of business atm.. i got on early this morning for a bit with no chat

  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 20. 2011 06:28

having the same problems with Eufo except i m using shaw instead of telus

  • Re : Can't log in

    03. 19. 2011 23:28

Eufy I think telus is messing with our internets.

EDIT: Restarted my router and was able to log on after a few tries.
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