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  • Crew management

    03. 19. 2011 06:48

So, by right clicking on "RCT" button on a sailor you max out recruits.

Is there a way to do reverse? I mean, by clicking one thing getting rid of all recruits?

Are there any other "quickly-do-something" shortcuts in the NF at all?

  • Re : Crew management

    03. 22. 2011 07:15

Unless you play on a laptop, use your scroll wheel to quickly remove/add ammo, recruits

  • Re : Crew management

    03. 21. 2011 21:54

No, but there are other little shortcuts.

On the trade menu, press Up/Down then a left or right arrow key to scroll without clicking.

On an ammo loading screen, up and down arrow keys quickly add and subtract binds of ammo (why would you need
255 bombs or binds, anyway?)

Quickly pressing a page up/down button then its opposite will skip the goliath animation