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  • source of lag?

    03. 23. 2011 03:01

I started having massive spikes where my screen just freezes even though i can
browse around looking at frozen ships around 4 days ago. This would happen every
few seconds for like 1-2 seconds which is well.. lets just say not very nice. i did a
tracert which says that the ping around the SanJose route is having 200MS?
below is traceroute


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 13 ms 25 ms 10 ms []
2 37 ms 7 ms 8 ms
3 11 ms 11 ms 49 ms
4 15 ms 14 ms 11 ms
5 27 ms 11 ms 11 ms
6 12 ms 12 ms 11 ms
7 201 ms 203 ms 214 ms []
8 200 ms 202 ms 199 ms []

9 * 209 ms * []

10 203 ms * 208 ms
11 208 ms 203 ms 204 ms
12 * * 202 ms
13 202 ms 204 ms 206 ms

Trace complete.


  • Re : source of lag?

    03. 23. 2011 12:39

Guys you may want to read my post in the general forums.
I get 22 + hops to the NF servers with a large spike at the same place and packet
loss of 20-25%.

Title is Servers have been moved to Korea = +Lag


I have a job ticket raised to investigate this issue and sde are looking into it.

In regards to the SDE used IP Address for their servers. - Nebraska - Kaiser

the Ip address range of - has been allocated for the
networks routed and maintained by KRNIC which is the National Internet Registry in
Korea under APNIC. As a portable address WITHIN THAT NETWORKS BOUNDRIES.

Note: Not all APNIC generated ip addresses are portable across NIC controlled
routing boundries. IE APNIC addresses may not operate in ARIN areas of control and

So as the IP used by SDE falls within the address range has been allocated for the
networks routed and maintained by KRNIC which is the National Internet Registry in
Korea under APNIC.

Note: ARIN controls the network allocation and routing of ip addresses in USA.

Now if you use a IP address allocated to a registry (NIC) outside of the routing zone
of that registry (NIC) the stability of those routes is not guarranteed.

I have been there ...done that...for many many of my International Clients who have
operations located in Australia and want to use their blocks of ip's for their local
operations. This is not allowed in Australia unless agreement is obtained from both
resistries and routing is placed for that address ( subnet) and the address is
rerouted via BGP ( version 3 is internationally supported , version 4 is codified in RFC
427 in 2006 but not yet fully implemented by all cosigned ISP's)

For the layman.

Lets say you have a address (net) in the STH Korea and you want to use a portion
of that address (subnet) in the USA. Unless that address (subnet) is known
throughout the entire WORLDWIDE network as residing in the USA and all the
routers that control the path to the address (subnet) know this ....the end result
may be unexpected or not work.

Ths could relate to...LAG/DROPOUT/CRASH as the path to the address becomes

So you have to advertise the address (subnet) as residing in the USA via BGP on ALL
the routes/paths/redundant patch or it is not going to operate as expected.


  • Re : source of lag?

    03. 23. 2011 11:38

I am sure NF is discussing this problem and trying to identify the main cause(s) of it.

As a network engineer and systems developer, I will offer my opinion from the end-
user perspective only.

The symptom received by the end user is that the screen froze, but sound and
events continue. There is very little the end user can do can restore the display to
normal, but must wait out until the screen graphic recovers. Delays can be
anywhere from milli-seconds to 30 seconds or more. Graphics appear to lose synch
with what is being broadcast.

The problem appears most often during large occupancy games with several CVs.
Blitzkrieg does not suffer as much as Great Battle 2 or CV-Only games with large CV
battles. Extra large GB2 games (>64) also pose problems.

It also appears where the AA and Fighter activity is most active. It is most apparent
when you move your screen into those high activity zones. Not so much when your
screen is in a low activity zone.

Since CVs produce dozens of aircraft (sprites), each peforming its own set of graphic
change, and the several AA ships blasting away, are creating a tremendous amount
of graphic change information that has to be transmitted from the NF server to the
end clients (multi-cast). At some point packets (ATM Cells) are lost and not
retransmitted. Buffers overflow and data is lost. Network speeds for end users are
inconsistent, multiple hops and low bandwidth bottlenecks exist. There is no direct
connection to NF servers and everyone of our ISPs has policies in place to abandon
or discard packets at its convenience due to network congestion. Older routers may
have insufficient memory and are overflowing.

But why does Navyfield limit the number of CVs to 8 in GB2? The answer is obvious,
CVs cause lag. They cause lag because of the number of sprites moving and the AA
that goes up against them.

A BB or FF moving and firing guns is minimal. A sub or cruiser launching torps is

A hundred fighters and bombers and AA firing at rapid fire rates is a lot of sprites
and graphic information. It isn't the size of the sprite, it is the volume of them.

Lag is due to graphic synch failure. Too much data being sent, some of it being lost
enroute to the client's display. Some of it is probably lost inside the Client's PC,
most likely in the graphics card, where low memory setups will have small buffers
and overflow.

  • Re : source of lag?

    03. 23. 2011 10:47

ive had these screen freezes and lag spikes ever since i started playing nfna and i have
to say, it gets worse when they add new content like new ships and sprites. and when they
edit and change things liks stat related stuff.

i think its about time they stopped adding to the seriously flawed game and start fixing
the issues they know are causing people pain. such as this lag issue which is unbareable.

so unbearable infact ive stopped logging in and started playing the super cool lag free
game known as world of tanks. and its pretty epic.

you have to level your crews a bit like nf and you also have to research the diffrent
equipment and tanks as you go.. so a bit more complex than nf. and did i say no lag ????
it looks fantastic too and its alll 3d ;)

sde has this 2d game with a 3d control and it lags like shit. its the laggiest game ive
played in the entire 10 years of my online gameing shinanigans.

come on sde stop messing with the junk you keep sticking in and start fixing the old junk.

we dont need new nations or ships, we dont need new fp or bombers,, WHAT WE NEED IS!!!!! -
balance issues resolving the, the lag resolving, patches that apply them selves so we
dont have to piss about with file pathes or seperate downloads to fix the mistakes you
made due to adding rediculous lag generateing content we didnt ask for lol.

i hate to moan and grip but i have a number of crews and a ton of premium ships and
sailors which cost me lets say a small fortune to build up. now all i need is to be able
to use them.

your game is crap in terms of resources and system requirements, infact its so lacking in
technological prowess it should run relatively smooth on a zxspectrum or a c64 with very
little trouble.... the fact im having trouble with an ancient looking 2d game on my not so
ancient 64 bit pc is just histerically laughable..

so tell me why does your game have stuff it doesnt need, why does your game suffer from
memmory leaks and why the hell is their so much lag..

i dont mind putting some of the lag down to the fact i live in the uk and im playing on
the us servers, but yours isnt the only use based game server i play on!!!! i dont have
these problems anywhere else so that must mean your game has some serious issues in
regaurds to lag and latency.. it must have for it to be incappable of playing and hosting
smoothly a 2d game.

so how about stop adding new things and start fixing the old things and working out this
lag issue.

if not can i please have my stuff transfered to the eu servers :) your game is unplayable
and ive speant so much cash on it already.

it never used to be like this infact it used to play pretty damn smooth compaired to how
it plays now, im not saying it didnt lag im just saying it lagged alot less.

  • Re : source of lag?

    03. 23. 2011 08:37

yes lots of us had/have same issues since late last week

i have done alot of investigating

checked drivers
reformatted a drive
fresh installs
even spent an afternoon with my isp to search for the problem with no avail

yesterday wasnt too bad ...still a bit choppy at times but it seems to be gettting
better for me atm

my pings dont even get a response from the 7 and 8 hubs

hope NF looks into this :)