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  • Classing pilots.

    03. 25. 2011 12:44

At level 25 should I class them on time as rookie pilots and lose their gunnery or Wait
till level 40 and class through both?

What does aircraft stat do for bombers and fighters?

  • Re : Classing pilots.

    03. 25. 2011 17:51

I mean do not class to squad leader. If you want more then 180ish vets do not even class
to Ace. The more you class the more crew growth per level you lose. Crew size is one of
the most important things that contributes to TRUE ability.

See this thread to read up on true ability:

  • Re : Classing pilots.

    03. 25. 2011 16:06

yup that's the point not class them i forgot where i read it though, about b-v-e stuff..
it matters on the abilities in the pilots.

  • Re : Classing pilots.

    03. 25. 2011 14:21

Do you mean not to upgrade bombers and fighters to ace?
Or do you mean not to class to squad leader?
And why not?

  • Re : Classing pilots.

    03. 25. 2011 13:57

You can wait until level 40 because you will lose nothing in terms of stats and you will
gain abit more exp as special forces then as rookie pilot.

After that you should not class past ACE for fighter or bomber. If you plan on super
vetting (more then 180) do not take past the first class. It will not however gimp you to
class all the way but there really is no reason too. For every class past the first you
lose crew size which hurts true ability.

  • Re : Classing pilots.

    03. 25. 2011 13:04


  • Re : Classing pilots.

    03. 25. 2011 12:55

from what i know and have read...the air stat does nothing... so if they are more use
to you as gunners, keep them as that till they hit fighter lvl

and also you might want to read posts by richardphat and i believe V2CxBongRipz,
then you will get an idea of the best ways to class your fighters depending pn how
much you are wanting to spend on them (vetting them)