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  • weather

    03. 30. 2011 13:38

how about weather systems?

like a bit of stormy weather, rolling and rocking, pitching etc

it could reduce accuracy?

or be purley cosmetic to liven up the drab battle scenes?

or maybe some icy weather? which could render a gun barrel useless?


  • Re : weather

    06. 11. 2011 20:45

i think in stormy wheather like T-storms planes and ships could be struck by lightning just
being in wrong place at wrong time if it hits plane it goes down and ships burn. But i really
like the idea.

  • Re : weather

    06. 09. 2011 06:49

that would be epic thre should be a typhoon so strong that your ship gets damaged
whyle fighting
or a night battle
and maybe a fog

  • Re : weather

    06. 09. 2011 05:17

^^^^^^what you on about?

  • Re : weather

    06. 08. 2011 12:45

Thanks for removing my post, not pming me about it, and then going on ignoring the whole
myriad of other inane posts

  • Re : weather

    06. 08. 2011 04:32

if someone else has suggested weather, im bringing mine back to lol!

and mine had reduced acc etc, beat that jamburg lol!


loves you

  • Re : weather

    04. 02. 2011 15:52

I think a dynamic day purely for eye candy would suffice. For example in a 15 min. battle
it start as morning and as the battle drag on the daylight changes. in about every 3-
5min. passes it would turn to afternoon,to sunset,to night then into morning. In iceberg
maps it could randomly snow, and in island maps it could rain.

A changing dynamic day will not only affect the cosmetic part of the game but also the
gameplay. SDE does not have to add complicated codes for reduced accuracy,visibility or
rocking motion animation along with it in every naval ships. A simple daylight changes
already affect the gameplay as it is. When the battlefield turns to night it basically
reduce the visibility as the screen are more darker unless Starshell are used, therefore
new strategies are employed.
I think if this is implemented it will make NF more fresh both for new players and
veterans alike

  • Re : weather

    04. 01. 2011 11:05

I have to agree with cpt99117733 the cosmetic would be interesting but I too
believe it will cause more glitches in the system, and we already have enough of

  • Re : weather

    04. 01. 2011 10:33

something foggy like the uk dock made by TBNF would be great

  • Re : weather

    03. 31. 2011 23:28

This could be intresting... But it could be hard to impliment. Maybe have the
conditions set on a certain map... This way players that want to deal with the
conditions can. others who dont, can choose to play the normal matches.

But on the ice... im not sure that would be vary liked... mainly because of reducing
speed... and generation of the ice might be hard to have put into the game.

  • Re : weather

    03. 31. 2011 18:42

you forget, some ice might slow down a boat and if ice is thick enough around a
ship, it could be crushed. remember, 1 cubic metre of water = 1 tonne.
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