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  • Sprite Check Bug

    04. 01. 2011 23:31

Ok, so I've done a search for data file check and sprite check. Nothing came up, so
I'm going to make a post on this. Every few logins or crashes, I experience and issue
with the sprite check at the login screen. It simply hangs there and nothing
happens. The check doesn't go through. There's nothing different about my
computer when this hang up occurs. It seems to be random and usually shutting off
the game for an hour or two will fix the issue if I am too lazy to restart my computer.
Has anyone else encountered this? And if so, do you know of a fix?

  • Re : Sprite Check Bug

    04. 02. 2011 17:10

This is a total hangup. I will include a screenshot the next time it happens.

  • Re : Sprite Check Bug

    04. 02. 2011 14:03

For me, it occasionally takes a while to start, but it only didn't do anything once. Seems
to slow down more if NF Fixer is on.

  • Re : Sprite Check Bug

    04. 02. 2011 00:04

never happened to me, but i can tell the "sprite check" is a useless waste of time.