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  • BB7

    04. 04. 2011 00:13

i thought that if each country got a leval 7 battleship. the US BB could have five
turrets and be capable of handling any sized gun. then it could be comparable to the
Amagi of Japan. the ship would have the same features as the Iowa, montana and
nebraska with 3 turrets in the front and 2 in back, anythoughts??

  • Re : BB7

    05. 07. 2011 20:15

I didn't misconstrude it i took it in the sense i saw it as, alas that was different then
what you intended but that is the beauty of being human we all take stuff differently.

I also apologize for taking it in the context i did.

  • Re : BB7

    05. 04. 2011 11:40

You haven't burst any bubble as I don't have one. I edited the post; it's intent was
not to flame but to provide the actual range chart. Apologies if you misconstrued it
as an attempt to flame you.

  • Re : BB7

    05. 03. 2011 23:40


hate to burst your bubble in comparison to me you kinda a are kiddie...I have had my
account wiped a few times due to bans back a while ago, i've been playing longer than you
but i don't concentrate on one line which is why i have 1 BB6.

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    05. 01. 2011 09:43



  • Re : BB7

    04. 30. 2011 23:46


  • Re : BB7

    04. 14. 2011 09:04

kinda need a SS5 and 6 before you get a SS7

as for the post in general, no. if you follow this idea to its logical end, NF would end
up with level 400,000 BB140's that have 200 turrets firing deathstar lasers. Don't even
get me started on CV's that could launch a hundred of the USS enterprise, or TB's that
don't drop torps, but motherf***ing subs. Part of the allure of NF is that it is a
historicaly accurate WW2 naval combat simulator. like it was said before, even the current
bb6's stretch that. be happy with a ship that can, with a couple clean shots, blow most
everything to hell and back. If that's not enough for you, try or

  • Re : BB7

    04. 14. 2011 02:48


  • Re : BB7

    04. 11. 2011 14:52

BB/CV/SS7... FAIL, epic fail at that. As it is, with BB6 driving around and just about 1
shotting everything, it is hard for lower lvl BB drivers to actually participate in GBs at
all. If they ever decided to make level 7 of these classes, many newer players would
instantly be turned away from the game because it would just be too hard to have
any fun at all.

  • Re : BB7

    04. 09. 2011 15:00

I think he is talking about that bb7 prank made long ago... sigh... good times...

  • Re : BB7

    04. 07. 2011 14:03

meh i was tired >.> + alcohol makes me forgetful, forgot about the kaiser since i seem to
bounce it when i armor.
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