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  • CV pilots

    04. 06. 2011 10:06


Does anyone out there know what pilots you should have if you want a game with
some fighters,dbs, and tbs? I would really appreciate the help.

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 07. 2011 08:32

This would make sense. I would probably want dbs and fighters. How many of each
pilot should I have though?

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 06. 2011 23:45

Basically, you will be spending a large portion of your CV career only able to use 7-8
pilots. Assuming you are using at least 4-5 pilots for fighters (which is recommended),
that leaves you with 3 pilots for bombing whether DB or TB. Now of the 3 it is quite
difficult to split them 2+1 Db and Tb. Pretty much you will have to devout an entire
plane type to one pilot. Not to mention fuel time and planes returning issues.

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 06. 2011 21:33

You'll only be able to use 8 Pilots max on a CV.

It's far more efficient to divide your pilot slots and plane space between 2 Pilot types
(Or even 1) Using 3 Types of pilots (Or god forbid using all 4 types) means your plane
space is divided even more,which means you'll run out of certain types of planes
quicker,and with 2 types of pilots,you'll be able to load flights quicker by dividing launch
capacity between 2 or (Preferably) 3 pilots instead of 1.

I might be missing something...

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 06. 2011 21:20

What is your reason for this though?

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 06. 2011 20:13

Don't use both tb and db unless you have a VERY VERY specific gameplay strategy in mind

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 06. 2011 13:24

Well I want to db and tb. I have them still as rookie pilots because they aren't high
anough level to class.

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 06. 2011 13:15

Well you just answered my BW/FW question there.

Do you plan on using just TBs or both DBs and TBs?

Oh and don't keep them as rookie pilots. Scout planes on a CV aren't worth it.

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 06. 2011 12:40

I am in a USN CV1. What do you mean by FW/BW? I also have 4 pilots 1 fighter, 1
tb, and 2 scouts right now. I am also training another pilot.

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 06. 2011 12:22

What nation, are you going to FW/BW, and do you want to use all 3 or only 2?