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  • Anything

    04. 07. 2011 23:35

How do you do anything?

shitty sailors
shitty ship
shitty guns
in shitty GB2

Just tell me what you're supposed to do, because I'm not seeing how you close 3
ship lengths of distance into their ranges without getting pummeled by the entire
quadrant of the map.

Oh yeah, killing scouts doesn't matter.
Their sight range extends to your maximum range.

Thanks in advance for your tips on how to do anything besides be food for 103

  • Re : Anything

    04. 10. 2011 10:22

""the usual term for a person who is the last to die and has no kills is leecher""

Dell no leechers are those that just do not move from the start to end or move
about the rear doing nothing, but heres the clincher, of use to the team. Destroyers
or cruisers staying within the rear alongside the carriers ending up without any
combat is not leeching, they are protecting the carriers (including flagship) against
any possible air attack or submarines. Destroyers and cruisers may move up and
down the battleline (whether infront or behind) watching for inbound submarines
and aircraft but never actually firing at any but they too are not leeching.

""it pays off ... i may not get a lot of XP from the way i play .. but i get a lot of games
and kills .. i play for fun - and for me - fun is sinking stuff .. leveling up is just a side
effect and not my main goal .. blowing stuff out of teh water is what i play for""

x2 as I neither play in order to get experience, commanding an second world war
royal navy destroyer and other types is my reason, thats what I find fun.

  • Re : Anything

    04. 10. 2011 01:46

Too bad that doesn't show how many airplanes I've shot down. The tonnage sunk
doesn't matter, because I'm always attacking planes, not ships.

Besides, the only reason I 'leech' is so I can continue to AA for other ships.

If I'm dead, I can't AA for nobody.

  • Re : Anything

    04. 09. 2011 22:02


"" It's really important to me that I'm not an entirely useless sack of horse**** to
the team.""

"" I'm normally the last person to die on the team, maybe that's why I have no kills,
I'm unwilling to take suicidal risks. ""

@ weylin -

those two statements are in conflict with each other and show up one likely source
of your frustration in game

the usual term for a person who is the last to die and has no kills is .. 'leecher' ..
(keep that in mind the next time you feel an urge to call someone 'noob' in game)

if you spend most of your time in-game running around in the back avoiding getting
killed or taking risks .. while getting no kills ... then you could be considered 'useless'
to the team .. maybe not 'entirely' but - the whole point of this game is basically to
kill the other team ..

so go get your shots in - try to kill something .. but play smart and don't just rush to
sacrifice for no gain - make your death count .. develop an attitude that its ok to get
killed - as long as you take something with you (preferrably something bigger than
you) then you did your part .. so get killed - then go into another room and do it
again - and again - and again ... kill - die - kill - die - kill - die ... don't worry so much
about staying in the rooms after you die - get out and get another battle going .. its
tthe actual real life play experienece that makes the difference not the game XP ..

yes the game XP is what levels you up - but it doesn't teach you anything in and of
itself .. on the other hand play time in game where you are actually fighting and
getting experience in actually fighting is what gains you real experience and teaches
you to play better (hopefully) ..

i've always maintained that sometime having premium hurts more than it helps .. it
lets you level up faster with less in-game play experience under your belt .. so you
move up the levels faster but don't spend time in the smaller ships learning the
basic skills to survival in a big ship world .. forget leveling and focus on playing .. i
say this as an old time beta-era silver grinder .. read on ..


"" I think diversity would do him good. I think the real issue here is that he's met
sometough competition and I challenge him to overcome it. Maybe a little more
harshly then Ishould have.""

"" Maybe he hasn't had some of the advice I've had. My point is that he and I
started at the same time. We're using the same ships, fighting the same level

@ lionel2 -

if by diversity you mean playing a lot of the smaller ships in various roles - then
RIGHT you are .. the more time you spend actually fighting yoru ship = the more
practical skills you develop (for most people) ..

as for that comparision thing .. we are all three currently at lvl 79 ...
i've focused on playing for fun .. battle - sink - bail out and start a new battle - sink -
new battle - sink - new battle .. etc ... over and over as much as possible .. i don't
like wasting time sitting in rooms after i get killed (not beyond briefly waiting for my
ijn torps to finish their run) .. i find rooms ready to start soon and squeeze in with a
ca/cl/dd/ff/ss - no sitting around in a bb waiting for a cv to show up or not being able
to get into a gb2 cuz the bb's are 20 full up ...

as a side note - it really miffed me when they removed the cv status from my ise
remodel - used to be able to get into gb's even when full up on BB's and it let them
start faster cuz i counted as a cv - now the ise is a straight up bb class and i rarely
get it into gb's anymore - unless i want to find a gb room with less than 20 an dthen
spend time waiting for the cv's to show up ..

i prefer playing in my ss or ca/cl/dd/ff and getting into room that are almost ready to
go .. i play a lot of asw - thats my main thing - i find them and i sink 'em (and i do not
use HH at all) .. after sinking their subs i head towards their back wall looking for
their cv's - and along the way watching for crippled and repairing bb's i can finish
off .. its also about the time our side runs out of scouts - so i act as a surface scout
foward observer ship fior my team .. thats anothe rrole - if i can't sink em myself - i
can at least peck at them and distract them into trying to hit me and ignore my
teams bb's creeping up to hammer them while they're focused on trying to get rid of
me .. heh .. the drawback is i often arrive at the enemy cv's and give my bb's sight -
and enable them to see and then they take advantage of that kill the cv before i
get a chance to do much .. we usually win the games where that happens .. and
there is nothing quite like the feeling you get in a dd or ff when you happen to one-
shot a wounded monty or iowa or yammie in passing .. lol ..

it pays off ... i may not get a lot of XP from the way i play .. but i get a lot of games
and kills .. i play for fun - and for me - fun is sinking stuff .. leveling up is just a side
effect and not my main goal .. blowing stuff out of teh water is what i play for ..

and my sailors are all "shitty" but most standards .. the gunners i have are 10/10 or
11/10 or my GOOD gunner are 11/11 .. my ijn torpers are 12+ but my other nations
are 11+ .. my sonar and planesmen are 14's .. as are my bo's ... i roll my own crews -
never buy them .. and they are not BVE .. just the normal accumulation of experts
and vets earned in battles (i also roll for vets during events) .. so i have sailors most
consider 'shitty' ... 10's and 11's non-BVE .. but .. i know how to use the crew and
ships i have (most of them anyway) ..

like you said .. we are all three currently at lvl 79 ... read on below ...


weylin Detail Information

Level Rankings = 79
# of Win & Battles = 809 & 1546
# of Frigates(FF) Sunk = 16
# of Destroyers(DD) Sunk = 143
# of Light Cruisers(CL) Sunk = 115
# of Heavy Cruisers(CA) Sunk = 50
# of Carriers(CV) Sunk = 11
# of Battleships(BB) Sunk = 28
# of Submarines(SS) Sunk = 28
Tonnage Sunken = 3018001
Overall Ranking = 44882

lionel2 Detail Information

Level Rankings = 79
# of Win & Battles = 821 & 1589
# of Frigates(FF) Sunk = 40
# of Destroyers(DD) Sunk = 317
# of Light Cruisers(CL) Sunk = 247
# of Heavy Cruisers(CA) Sunk = 111
# of Carriers(CV) Sunk 6981 = 55
# of Battleships(BB) Sunk = 54
# of Submarines(SS) Sunk = 67
Tonnage Sunken = 6963132
Overall Ranking = 307319

dragon_boats Detail Information

Level Rankings = 79
# of Win & Battles = 1486 & 2881
# of Frigates(FF) Sunk = 86
# of Destroyers(DD) Sunk = 508
# of Light Cruisers(CL) Sunk = 477
# of Heavy Cruisers(CA) Sunk = 171
# of Carriers(CV) Sun = 25
# of Battleships(BB) Sunk = 106
# of Submarines(SS) Sunk = 235
Tonnage Sunken = 11159932
Overall Ranking = 524580

  • Re : Anything

    04. 09. 2011 20:49

Thanks for the advice.
Lionel, I don't remember calling you a noob, but sorry if I did anyways.

The reason I whine complain and don't stop playing is because I care. It's really
important to me that I'm not an entirely useless sack of horse**** to the team.

I've just found it very frustrating that when up against someone better than you, not
only are they better skill-wise, they typically have a far far better ship and crew, and
that is very difficult to overcome.

I'm not the ffffffffictory rush type, if I have it's because I lagged or crashed.
I try to play smart, and only take offensive action if I think I can get away with it.
I'm normally the last person to die on the team, maybe that's why I have no kills, I'm
unwilling to take suicidal risks.

  • Re : Anything

    04. 09. 2011 20:06

I've seen him play and he's not doing anything wrong. The problem in a team game,
err a team game with a lot of players is that you can't do it all by yourself. Sometimes
you will lose a lot of games and it will really be frustrating but when you're winning
you don't even think about it.
I know a lot of people don't like my blitz games starting at 16 players but I do it so to
some extent so each player's contribution makes a difference. The more the players,
the more you leave it to luck and chance. Okay I'm off topic.
It takes a while but once you get over the hump it's better. Trying a few other lines
might be good too. AAing allows you to prep another crew quite easily equipping
them with experts/vets.
His posts do get tiresome and sometimes it makes me want to ask - why not just
stop playing then? - but I guess he cares enough about contributing that he feels the
need to post.

  • Re : Anything

    04. 09. 2011 19:54

LOL Mako! No, maybe he hasn't had some of the advice I've had. My point is that he and I
started at the same time. We're using the same ships, fighting the same level competition.
He's posted in here many times. Sure, I've had some times where I'm pounding my fist on my
kitchen table as 9 fighters go down in flames from one enemy T4 pass and 4 skilled sailors
are dead. I guess the difference is that first, I don't make a bunch of posts that there
is nothing you can do and second I don't flame people in games and call them names. The
only time I get mad is for crazy TK my ship.

I think diversity would do him good. I think the real issue here is that he's met some
tough competition and I challenge him to overcome it. Maybe a little more harshly then I
should have....

  • Re : Anything

    04. 09. 2011 18:07

In Weylin's defense Lionel, I think he has been AAing a lot so he wouldn't have
many kills. I can sympathize with Weylin but I've spent most of my time in CA or
under and have found the game can be enjoyable. But when you're the underdog
you have to really pick your spots AND on top of that, get to know who is good
and who isn't so you have a better chance of survival vs them. Honestly though,
1500 games ... still somewhat a beginner. Keep playing and you'll start to pick
up even more gameplay. Going back to previous ships with better sailors is
also an effective way to polish your skills while enjoying the advantages of the
increased ability.

And Lionel, don't be too harsh - He didn't have a certain someone to drop in with
advice here and there ;)

  • Re : Anything

    04. 09. 2011 14:30

Ok, really you need to stop the pity party here and start looking at facts. Some of the
things you claim.

"Food for 107 levels" Unless you are currently a L13 DD, you are not for for 107 levels.
Thats just being over dramatic and unrealistic. Your food for a few levels and thats
something that everyone before you has already done. Instead of flipping out, concentrate
instead on how to over come the problem.

"ASW is stupid" No, ASW is stupid because you obviously haven't put any time or effort
into learning how its done. Sometimes, I use a DD and my trimmed crew to go into GB
specifically to hunt SS. Sometimes, I don't even have HH on the ship, only DCs. You seem
to claim that you can't kill SS without HH and DC are stupid. There are quite a few SS
complaining about DC range and power, so thats obviously not the case. Sometimes I like
having AA guns in my mounts and enjoy the challenge of killing the SS with just DCs on.
Put some effort into learning how to do it. Learning another aspect of the game will still
give you shared XP and instead of concetrating on a level as a number, just play for fun.

"CV is just food unless you have epic fighters" That is also nonsense. My USN bombers did
the exact same damage all the way to L75 for upgrade. They seemed to hit ships and sink
them just fine. After L75, they seemed to get shot down all the same, so its good I have
learned how to use them and avoid AA and T4s. I just spent 3 weeks grinding my fighters to
T3. Sure, there were times where they were eaten alive by other fighters. I learned to
adapt. I used them as decoys to get my bombers through. Also, I used them as scouts making
my BBs happy and getting me more team XP. Also, I used them to shoot down enemy scouts.
Right now I have a mix of L75 and L85 fighters and the work just fine for all the above,
plus doing a number on enemy bombers. That was just a few weeks of solid CV grinding going
for Bogue L50 to Essex L75 and one of those weeks was not prem.

"AA is all you can do" Also not true. You can make a bid difference in any ship. In GB2,
I've sunk CVs at the end of the game with my 5"38s in a DD. I stay back and protect the CV
from SS, AA planes, and when everything is dead, I come out of the shadows and attack.
There is no reason you can't do that with anyship. I've seen it done with Alsaskas, CAs,
CLs... whatever. Don't be food driving up and down the line. Read Lord Kelven's guides on
how to level a BB as a support ship. It works.

Overall, I'm running 5 lines. 2 BB, 1CV, 1 SS, 1 APA. Whenever something isn't going hot,
I work on or learn something else for a bit. I find by doing this a leveling all these
different sailors, I have the ability to mix/match great crews. Also, I'm never board.
Some times I work on just sinking CVs or just learning AA better, whatever. If your only
goal is to get to L120 in a BB, you're just chasing a number. Perhaps instead find other
worthy goals to find satisfaction in the game and please, stop complaining, as much of
what you are complaining about isn't true.


Oh, and I also looked at the numbers too. You and I are the same exact level and have
played almost the exact same number of games. Yet you don't have hardly anything for
kills. I'm certainly no stud and get yelled at all the time.... as a matter of fact YOU
flamed me complaining about "vision" and being a lousy CV. You even called me noob (I love
that word) So, my suggestion is that you do as I suggest and learn some diversity. It will
help you get through your grind and also add some respectable numbers to your stats.

  • Re : Anything

    04. 09. 2011 09:05


regarding that last poster ... by expensive 'shells' ? did you mean Hedge Hog
loads ??

and this might be a novel idea to you .. but ..... psst ......... torps kill subs too .... sssh

they have suggested you hone your skills in blitz instead of GB .. but .. GB is more XP
so you are probably still going to play GB2 at least some of the time when blitz bored

when you do play GB2 .. play smart .. they are ALL bigger than you ..
so you have to learn to play your DD like a DD .. and not like a mini BB

if you are the FIRST one rushing across the map ..
then yes EVERY SHIP in their quadrant targets you

you have to play smart to make yourself less attractive .. not be ONLY target in range

the key is TIMING and paying attention to whats going on in with the other ships

wait until the BB's pick off the other rush noobs charging into range for the slaughter
wait until the BB's are busy and engaged in firing at each other .. (instead of at you)
if you play smart and pick your time and your route .. you can penetrate to their CV's
i've gotten CV's with my FF's and DD's .. use your small size and speed to advantage

good luck .. grind on .. be aware the levels get harder and longer as they get higher

  • Re : Anything

    04. 08. 2011 17:06

AA is really all one can do.
ASW is stupid because it costs more credit than you gain since each shell is 100 credit.
Depth charges are usually suicide because you have to get so close, and they dive and
avoid it all while you're being bombarded by the front line.
And playing BB 1-3 makes you want to kill yourself.
And CV... well, unless you got epic fighters you're just food, and BW are frowned upon.
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