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  • CV pilots

    04. 08. 2011 16:12

I have a CV1 and how many dbs pilots should I have on it and how many fighter
pilots on it?

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 11. 2011 07:54

Oooh thats a problem. All my pilots are at different levels right now. I really like the
idea of 2 dbs and 3 fighters then just get more and more fighters.

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 10. 2011 16:50

Sure, good idea, Ill try to equip HH on my bogue.

As for the topic. It also depends on if you are playing blitz. If so, then bombers will be
more effective however when you are lvl 61, having any less than 4 ftrs will hinder your
performance in GB.

It is also important for you to keep your ftr pliots around the same lvl even if it means
you have to rotate them. This is because you want to get all of them out of tier 1 and 2
planes at around the same time so you wont have a loser pilot who cant use your new

Your bombers can suffer more of a gap since there are only 2 tiers and by then you can
carry them for exp in your yorktown.

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 09. 2011 14:49

Plan for the future. You can run up to 8 pilots later on. A decent setup is 6 FP/2 DB or
8 FP/0 DB

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 09. 2011 13:02

you should carry only about 2 dbs and 3fps

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 09. 2011 08:52

"Also dont
train TB. they suck and good SS will avoid the torpedoes anyway. Just equip

First, that statement about SS is a lie. If you use manual TBing, you will rarely find a
sub whos paying attention enough to dodge in time. Second, TBs do huge damage
to anything withought bulge (aka AW ships) and it doesnt take many to bust
through 100 bulge. Ive killed l2s in 2 waves of 9 because they had none, and the
first usually crippled him. As for HHs, they cant be used until essex (or possibly lex)
and both of them only have 4 gun slots. Dont post about things you know nothing

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 09. 2011 07:14

have 2DB rest FP. At big lvls your FP will eat enemy planes even without draging.Also dont
train TB. they suck and good SS will avoid the torpedoes anyway. Just equip hedgehogs.

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 09. 2011 04:38

well to me you should have like(i want to help me team kill and scout k)4 fighters
2 TBs or DBs and 1 TB/DB its what i think is good with 4 piolets i think you can keep
good shifts up but not at lvl and the TBs and DBs you will need em late game
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^all meh opinion

  • Re : CV pilots

    04. 08. 2011 16:22

skip it unless this is your first cv, level on whichever CA you chos until cv2 and run
whatever setup you want until cv3, which should be mostly fighters. cv4 and up
should follow that pattern with mostly fighter and 2 bombers, some people run FW
and i personally run 4/2 split on my essex, with 2 TBers on my t slots and a seaman
in support for 7th support.