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  • SS Starter pack: Worth the Weight?

    04. 09. 2011 08:53

I am interested in buying the SS starter pack, out of pure laziness/noobiness of not
knowing a whole lot about sailor effects, etc.

I would like to know from someone who has bought such a thing;

Is it worth it? Are the oh-so-special pack of elite sailors, and lets not forget the
DDMP, worth the 25 USD?

I am leaning towards it due to me not knowing a whole lot about the effects of sailor

I would like to know before investing anything into something I am unsure about.

Things I am looking for:

-Does that extra 1 or 2 points in the elite sailors really significantly make a difference
in the end-game?

-Even if this pack is NOT worth it in terms of sailors, is the DDMP still worth it? How
about the prem sub or the 200k credits and points?

-If you used it for a specific nation, but have rolled an SS crew before the old
fashioned way, is there a decrease in "level oop!" time?

-What nation would you recommend for this pack? (I am leaning towards KM, having
already rolled a US SS and nothing else sounds appealing to me.)


Should I buy it or ignore it?


  • Re : SS Starter pack: Worth the Weight?

    04. 20. 2011 12:12

Let's say you want to run KM SS....

Here is what you need:

1) BO - Get a 14+ Potential BO with good repair/restore numbers
2) Sonarman and Planesman (Go to NF trade room and buy a 15+ Potential with
good (11+) Repair or Restore. Don't waste hours rolling dice.
3) Engineer (Get an Elite Engineer or 12+ Engineer)
4) Torpedomen (2X) - Get 12+ Torpedo (fast reload)
5) Guns (2X) (Any gunner will be okay, as you will not have many vets or experts
and the guns will operate the same). You will need the two gunners at L74 to run

So, you need three high Potential sailors, two gunners and two torpedomen.

IF you go to NF trade area, you can get all these for sailors pretty cheap when
setting up your sub. Elite Potential are not what you want. They have 9+ in all their
other areas, whereas the 15+ potential sailors can have a lot more ability in those
other skills. Same with Torpedo and Gunners. The only Elite that makes sense is
the Engineer.

If you go other nations, you can add a restore or repair position, as they have extra

  • Re : SS Starter pack: Worth the Weight?

    04. 14. 2011 17:21

wong the bb starter sucks the best is the ss but its still use less

  • Re : SS Starter pack: Worth the Weight?

    04. 09. 2011 19:21

you save money when buying the starter packs , but i dont see why you cant roll a sub crew.
the only crew you should be buying is the bb starter pack of all things

  • Re : SS Starter pack: Worth the Weight?

    04. 09. 2011 19:15

Yeah I agree to everyone, dont get it. It is easy enough to get the sailors for SS so
you dont have to waste money on a shortcut that doesnt really make a difference.

  • Re : SS Starter pack: Worth the Weight?

    04. 09. 2011 18:09

The sailors needed for the sub are probably the easiest ones to roll as they are
mostly one stat sailors and relatively cheap on the trade channel. You're probably
better off just getting premium for a couple of months. Or boosting planesman and

  • Re : SS Starter pack: Worth the Weight?

    04. 09. 2011 14:56

Richard the Magical Unicorn is right... Most Starter packs are a waste of money if you
were to spend money on nf

  • Re : SS Starter pack: Worth the Weight?

    04. 09. 2011 14:51

Don't buy it.