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  • CV1

    04. 13. 2011 19:57

Should I stay in CV1 or should I play in my Portland or Texas to get more exp.

  • Re : CV1

    04. 27. 2011 18:49

DBs in blitz are godly. All you have to do is send 5 bombers to the highest level enemy
ship and sink him. In the hobbit war map, stay near the back and spam DBs at the
enemy CAs/BB1s. If you manage to sink 2 CAs and/or 1 BB, you should win 90% of blitz
games. The usefulness of these blitz games is that if you can bomb a CA, you can bomb
a BB in GBs.

  • Re : CV1

    04. 27. 2011 17:04

don't bother using bombers if you still have T1s. At least T2s, bt bombers in my
playing style only fits in these roles, 1) For protection when retreating or switch my
mission in battle for bombing jus because the enemy CVs are gone. Again, in my
case, amount bombers and FPs, there are no absolute reccommended figure that
will fit every single players playing style. For instance, like i said jus a few lines
above that my main role in battle is scouting and having bombers are for a minor
protection, so i'll have LOTS of FPs bt enough bombers to pack a punch for at least a
couple of runs.

  • Re : CV1

    04. 27. 2011 06:18

Alright, first off I love the CVE Bogue.
It was the best part of my grind.

If you want to get in GB then 2 FP won't do, you need 3(so you can have 2 squads of
3 ready to go, then when you launch them, prep the third squad).
Other than that just do what the CV guides say for GB (but I have always found
south is the best area to head) but your using locals not T1s so treat your fighters
like gold and micromanage.

For blitz you want 60:40 of TB and T1, locals aren't a good choice as they take up to
(I have my YRKTWN right now but if I remember right it should be 24-28 TB to ~16

Why T1? because they have decent fuel, so as the ubove poster mentioned they can
be used for scouting, just park a squad of 3 over either north or south and load
another squad, the other space of 3 is for your TBs.

for ammo you need to take the amount of planes then multiply that times five to get
the ammount of ammo to load
planes x 5 = amount of ammo

Hope some of this helps!

  • Re : CV1

    04. 26. 2011 22:45

For learning how to play a CV, consider hosting blitzes on any of the larger maps. It's
an environment where you can do useful amounts of damage torpedo and/or divebombing enemy
CL/CA/BB, and scout/sweep away enemy bombers/scouts with your T1(!) fighters.

  • Re : CV1

    04. 26. 2011 18:31

i like your post alot i got a CV1 but i had a CV 3 befor but blitz did help alot but now
with hobbit wars like wtf its freakin hard to use a CV1 thare most game types are
hostile for a CV1 and 2 hobbit wars are to small and GB2 gets frustraiting but blitz is
a good place to start cause you always need planes in the air for FC agaisnt
bombers and you need bombers up awwwwaaaays

  • Re : CV1

    04. 26. 2011 16:52

No offense, bt as a Lexington Class CV driver i can tell you that you know nothing
about playing CV, if you don't know wat your purpose in a battle is, and if you can't
control your FPs/Locals, and even micromanage. Blitz is a good way to start for
practising manual torp bombing or dive bombing on smaller targets, and the heat
doesn't get to you. But when you do go to GB you've gotta know how to
micromanage your aircrafts, and even as a CV2 you should be pretty busy sending
planes up. I've read all of the comments so far and it seems to me that you do have
T2s (Do you?). With T2s you still have that chance of getting more kills by dragging
your planes and there are certain angles of interception for aircrafts to get a more
effective dmg on to the enemy fighters/bombers.

  • Re : CV1

    04. 25. 2011 08:00

What I have been doing is fc. I get 3 locals ready for my 2 fighter pilots and when I
see enemy planes (I dont care about what teir unless I really notice that they are
about 50x better then me) I send up both of my 3 locals and load up more locals
then send them off. If there is only a scout I send out only 1 group.

  • Re : CV1

    04. 23. 2011 11:14

Don't know why you can't do both. Then you will find out what is best for you. Do
one get tired of it change up, use more than one ship. Have fun.

  • Re : CV1

    04. 22. 2011 21:02

When you get the YKTWN, if you can keep your indy, then keep it, it always comes in handy
in CV rooms, the speedy 47knt overheat and small hitbox helps you dodge bombers alot.

  • Re : CV1

    04. 22. 2011 14:51

Hoooooooold it people. First he is here and ask so its better than jump in it without
knowing where is left :P.
Second no matter the skill, if you have t4 vs your t2 or interseptors its 100% normal not
only to be swarmed, but to be proud if you can kill 1 of his for every 10 of yours.
So dont try to vent your frustration here :).
And third.Whats so wrong with Cv1 in GB.Yea its hard to play normal and usually useless
for the team but still, he have to polish his skills and lern some anti DB tactics.(and if
BB cant hit scouted target for 1min , why there be no CV's that leach?)

So SirEric if your pilot crew is over 46 level put them in CV1.At that time they start to
get more exp than on other ships.(GB shared exp give more to bigger ships so there is no
point to not play as CV)
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