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  • Torpedo setting

    04. 14. 2011 18:13

Ok i was just playing silent hunter when i got this idea, why not add a setting for sub
torps to have a contact influence, and impact setting. The contact influence setting
would cause more damage but be a heck of alot more unreliable, because it is a much
more complex system.


  • Re : Torpedo setting

    04. 16. 2011 11:51

I can't rec it and I'm going to tell you why.

What you are talking about is far too modern for NF. True, the theory was around
and attempts were made to make and use prototypes but they lacked the
appropriate level of technology to really make it work even once in ten tries.
Torpedoes with acoustic or magnetic influence fuses didn't come into being until
much later.

Yes, there are prototype ships and such in this game. However; while some ships
had not been built during WWII, the technology to build them did exist. Even today,
influence warheads are still somewhat unreliable and are easy to fool. If you want
to start messing around with magnetic influence warheads, you might as well ask for
wire guidance, wake homing, and runout patterns.

Please understand that I don't mean to be harsh but I can't think of a way to say
this without being blunt. Besides, torps in NF are 2D already. Adding magnetic or
acoustic influence won't change the only variable in detonation. "Duds"

  • Re : Torpedo setting

    04. 16. 2011 09:32

He mentioned another game! JAJA REPORTAH!

No really, km have it its called proxy and its more reliable. As for the setting, it would
take a lot of coding. And as we know, with every new line of coding introduced to
NF, another bug comes with it.

  • Re : Torpedo setting

    04. 16. 2011 02:01

i think km subs got already, :D

  • Re : Torpedo setting

    04. 14. 2011 23:35

lol erad. True. But theres already something like this. Your torps do more dmg to a ship
if u hit it in the middle than the back.

  • Re : Torpedo setting

    04. 14. 2011 18:36

We don't need subs to do more damage sir