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  • guys its a CV1

    04. 21. 2011 18:53

just a couple hours ago i started to play my CV1 its fine and all

i was playin in a Cv room so i switched to locals cause my piolets are lvl 40
and im getting raged by another BW cause im useing them even in GB2 i get flamed
all the time its really getting anoyying can thare been a ban system or something

and another thing is people shoot down my scarce planes??? like can they get -
creds cause i only got 20 planes and i dont want more getting killed by a AA ship on
my team

im sorry guys for the rant but ive had enough of this and ive only played for 1 day

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    05. 01. 2011 05:19

i got my collosus plane space is very good compared to attacker and i can move alot
faster so when those AA ships start to shoot down my planes i can leave the line fast

AA ships still a problem....

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    04. 29. 2011 21:35

Amorgan - remember that this thread started with Philip talking about the flames. Of
course, you can do whatever you want in this game but some things do attract enough
negative attention to make it not worth logging in sometimes. The flames can ruin it.

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    04. 29. 2011 19:44

Play how you want. Your not breaking any official rules..I'd suggest switching up from
locals and T1's and see which style you prefer. Locals are nice if you can keep the enemy
blind..but against the limited number of excellent CV drivers out there the locals will be
food..yummy. It's great to keep your team's view as best as possible w/ the T1's and mine
play can be fun when the opportunity arises or need to persuade an enemy ship to turn in
when they really shouldn't have =)

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    04. 29. 2011 19:33

well no more blitz i have 1 lvl to collosus and i have lvl 60 plus DBs :D from a good
friend for free

but nate if this is your second crew go for it!!!! its gonna be a hard grind well for me
it was cause i didnt enjoy a county in GB2 matter what nation but you will like it

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    04. 29. 2011 17:55

i wish i had a CV

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    04. 28. 2011 22:04

That's not too bad of a plan, considering what you are working with. Let me ask you this.
Have you ever done the math on the difference between a win and a loss? Or a win when
getting some attack vs none?

After keeping careful track, I came to the conclusion that even if I had a miserable game
with no attack, but won, I earned more xp then when I had a very good game, but lost.
Thus, the all fighter CVs giving vision could actually earn more xp then the BWs, if
played right. So, if you are giving enough vision to your team that you help win, then it
isn't leeching and you are doing a service.

The problem with this who are you matched up against? If the next closest ship is a
Yorktown or some other CV3 or above, then your team is at a huge disadvantage. Having the
extra end of game scouts is indeed nice, but meanwhile all game long your team is getting

Another issue that I just thought of is reputation. I'd think that over time you may get a
bad rep for being a CV. I still think that blitz and its headaches are the right place for

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    04. 28. 2011 18:34

ok here is my ingame stratagy everything i just said but the 4 or 2 T1s i put are for
end game scouting and BBs can scout in the begging they almost have as much as

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    04. 28. 2011 17:59

I'm not saying that you arent trying to help. But, there are piles of things out there
killing subs. Lets say you get 3 CVs on each team. If the other teams 3 CVs are providing
vision and blasting your team, if you are just killing subs then your team is outnumbered
3-2. If you can kill AA ships with those TBs, then thats a different story because you are
making it easier for your team to scout and thus shoot.

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    04. 28. 2011 16:30

i dont eacxtly call it leaching i get rid or subs early game and when a friendly sub is
attack another ship i help out and when thare are no subs i always go after AA ships

  • Re : guys its a CV1

    04. 28. 2011 15:28

So instead you leech? Thats not right because you are hurting the 20 or so other people on
your team. I have a better idea. Host your own Hobbit and use a different map. People
will play.
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