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  • EU GM Ship

    04. 27. 2011 17:23

what is that i checked on trainworld and thares like no info for it???

has this ever been used or seen or something??? and is it good

  • Re : EU GM Ship

    04. 27. 2011 18:04

Question answered, thread locked.

Also, the best place to ask about things working at NFEU... is in NFEU.

  • Re : EU GM Ship

    04. 27. 2011 17:45

k thank you that answered my question

  • Re : EU GM Ship

    04. 27. 2011 17:40

NFEU (NavyField Europe) =/= NFNA (NavyField Northern-America)

ps. that BB sprite is just the ancient old H44 sprite that was shrunken several years ago.
NFNA also used to have this sprite but it has been replaced by a more fair sized one given
spot-on complaints that its oversized dimensions made it too much of a target.

  • Re : EU GM Ship

    04. 27. 2011 17:38

This fellow is quickly becoming one of the finest spammers in our community.

  • Re : EU GM Ship

    04. 27. 2011 17:31

waaaait.... whats NFEU is that the european one? and NFNA

  • Re : EU GM Ship

    04. 27. 2011 17:27

Super H44 is only for NFEU.

You are asking if someone have ever used it in NFNA......

Unless you know someone from NFEU who is also part from TNF playing in NFNA.