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  • UAC and how to turn it off for one program

    04. 28. 2011 23:01

ok so I like UAC and think you should leave it on. that being said it is also very
annoying when it pops up everytime. Before I thought you could either let it run or
not let it run wasn't a way to allow a single program through like on a antivirus
where you can create exceptions in the database. I was in-correct. Here is how you
allow any program to run with out the UAC popping up for it. works on either vista or
win 7 with d.l of the free tool.

fyi- I skipped the step of "run in xp mode" nf works fine in win 7 ultimate 64 bit so I
didnt select that part.
also I selected the nf launcher since its the part that the uac pops up at.