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  • 1v1 Battles

    05. 03. 2011 02:20

There has been debate recently concerning the efficacy of 1 v 1 Battles and it was
agreed that definitive guidance was now required. The policy for 1v1 Battles is as

1. Players can engage in 1 v 1 Battles through their own arrangements and TeamNF
will not intervene unless the rooms are likely to block the creation of other larger
rooms in the main battle area for the particular server. To further define this, if it is
considered possible that the main battle area will become full whilst a 1 v 1 battle is
in progress then the players should not establish a 1 v 1 room. Initially, I (note the
I) intend to set this as at least 4 tiles are requried to be free in order to establish a
1 v 1 room. If that proves inappropriate in practice then I will gladly review it.

2. 1 v 1 rooms are to be conducted in the main battle area or a fleet training area if
the potential for crew kills wishes to be avoided. They are not to be conducted in
any overflow or secondary battle area.

3. If players clearly ignore the above guidance then TeamNF reserves the right to
close down the room either by dismissing the room (even if the battle has
commenced) or by disconnecting the players involved.

4. Wagers. If players wish to place wagers on the outcome of 1 v1 Battles then
they can, but do so entirely at their own risk. SDE/TeamNF will not attempt to
arbitrate the results of 1 v 1 battles, nor will we get involved in disputes about
amounts agreed and/or payment, nor will we attempt to enforce player to player


1. This is a game policy that is the same for both servers.
2. An actual game mode was considered for something like this previously but was
ruled out for various reasons.
3. Any dispute between players on 1 v 1 Battles are to be resolved between the
players concerned and are not to be the subject of flaming/derogatory/whinge
threads or posts on these forums. Any posts or threads considered to be
contravening this direction can be removed without notice or notification to the
person making the post.


  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 14. 2011 14:11

Ladders would have to be separate for each server unfortunately.

  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 14. 2011 13:36

"If I did do a 1 vs 1 tournament however, it would not be a run fest."

And the skies opened up and the Angel chorus sang with glee! lol

  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 14. 2011 11:48

Thanks Vick... for clarification...
As far as 1 v 1... there was talk a while ago of an event that was set up like a
Survivor type event. Would it be possible to set up a survivor event on both servers
and have the winners face each other for NFNA title?

  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 14. 2011 11:21

A 1v1 ladder would be very interesting indeed, Lukas.

Dumb question but I feel that I must ask (as I assume it is) the ladder would be for
both servers.

I definitely like the idea of a 1v1 ladder.

  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 11. 2011 01:36

Now that is somethign I would be interested in, cena200 btw :)

  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 10. 2011 16:01

Cry? Nope. You beat me when I had played the game for 6/12 months right? I had barely
got L2. Its a pity that you had IJN, the natural counter to UK. I wasn't anything near the
player I am now and didn't deserve even get to the Semi Final of that tournament, let alone
winning the 3rd place play off.

But naturally, I won't be playing as I organise the events now. Maybe if I had time or
someone else could run it but thats impossible at this point in time.

If I did do a 1 vs 1 tournament however, it would not be a run fest.

  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 10. 2011 14:37

sure, as long as u dont cry when i beat you this time lj :)

  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 10. 2011 09:13

Would there be alot of people interested in a 1 vs 1 ladder?

  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 06. 2011 04:27

Blatant account sharing.

  • Re : 1v1 Battles

    05. 05. 2011 18:36

You used to not even be able to log in. They changed it a couple years ago so you can
still log in to file support tickets to find out whats up.
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