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  • SS5-6 Suggestion in GB rooms.

    05. 03. 2011 20:46

This is not about Modifying the submarine classes, i ve been thinking the day, when the
submarine ss5-6 are added i was thinking since GB1 rooms are not longer active compared
like before lets do this:

SS5-SS6 cannot participate in GB1's but they can participate in GB2

GB1: the current exp system and game style will be transfered to GB1.

GB2: 50% more experience and Credits in GB2, Minimum Levels should be added in order to
enter the great battle, this means for example minimun player level to enter: 80

ASW players gets: 50% more experience and credits than current exp system.
Submarine players: gets the same amount experience but 50% more credits.

  • Re : SS5-6 Suggestion in GB rooms.

    05. 05. 2011 19:13

@ dekoyz subs are required to have sonar on board as a way of leveling the playing field.
The DDs are lower level with less supports.

  • Re : SS5-6 Suggestion in GB rooms.

    05. 03. 2011 23:31

GB3? sounds good, basically the opposite of blitz but i suggest lowering the limit or
lowering the minimum to get full exp for ship classes as it may get difficult to have 8

also its not hard to have lvl 80+ ASW. just use a sub crew if you want to depth charge
but not many ppl would like the DD exp. Shall someone suggest high lvl DD again?

  • Re : SS5-6 Suggestion in GB rooms.

    05. 03. 2011 23:12

subs should be able to see subs without sonarman just like dd can.

  • Re : SS5-6 Suggestion in GB rooms.

    05. 03. 2011 21:34

Sub hunting is really nothing new to me , already at event times, GB's rooms gets plenty
of ASW. Perhaps, Alot of people complaints about SS5-6, and i assure the percentage of
thoses people are higher than the population of players under level 80, and i thought, why
not fixing alittle bit the GB rooms system, so everyone can be happy. Is not that hard to
avoid ASW, SS begginers just need to read SS and ASW guides, thats all, that will help
them to avoid asws.Dont you think SS5-6 should be experienced enough to avoid ASW?

  • Re : SS5-6 Suggestion in GB rooms.

    05. 03. 2011 21:15

Do you want subs to be hunted till extinction?

And this would just make rooms harder to start. I would say 30-45% of your room population
is below 80.