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  • server desyncronization issues.

    05. 03. 2011 22:47

I'm getting infrequently, sometimes more times than others in any given night. where a
game (blitz or gb2) will just drop and complete while there's still time on the clock.
sometimes right out of the blue, sometimes after a flag has been sunk with still several
minutes on the 5 minute counter attack clock.

but it's rather annoying to have happen in any case, win or lose, to have the game
suddenly end in the blink of an eye.

  • Re : server desyncronization issues.

    05. 04. 2011 10:41

SInce the servers were restarted last night this should not be an issue
but if you do still see it, please report it

  • Re : server desyncronization issues.

    05. 03. 2011 22:59

I've seen this happen multiple times before, even watched a ship teleport half-way across
the map because of desync issues.