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  • Graphical Lag

    05. 04. 2011 08:50

I have noticed that since the release of the soviet ships that I have lag at the start of
the battles or while waiting in the room for the game to start. I start to stutter when it
starts to fill. I originally thought this was due to my computer and it being old and
using a lot of resources. Since getting a new machine this is still there.

This lag disappears when I am looking at blank areas of the map or areas not as
populated. This would suggest that there is some kind of problem with a sprite as it seems
to be a problem with my card trying to draw to many objects. The game is only using
original content no custom sprites or any of that junk. My video card is a nvidia gtx275
on a 64 bit machine with 8 gigs of ram.

I watch my resource monitor and can see the game use 3 gb of ram, the most a 32bit game
will use, and 1 of the cores run at maximum until I move to a new part of the screen.

  • Re : Graphical Lag

    05. 05. 2011 14:57

If you're using a wireless connection, try a wired one instead, it can significantly
improve stuttering in game if you have a weak signal.

  • Re : Graphical Lag

    05. 04. 2011 20:43

Vista or Win 7?

I would try without the compatibility mode, I tested and I had alot of lag and stutter

  • Re : Graphical Lag

    05. 04. 2011 11:04

I will play with the card settings and see if that helps. the program is installed in the x86 folder and I have it set to
windows 98 compatibility. As I have stated it's not a constant lag but a lag when too many objects are being drawn
by my video card.

  • Re : Graphical Lag

    05. 04. 2011 10:39

Just wondering what compatibility options you have set?

Also you say you are running a x64 system, can you check where the game
was installed?

  • Re : Graphical Lag

    05. 04. 2011 10:18

Most of the new GPUs ( Graphic Processing Units ) or cards focus more on 3D performance
and not so much on sprites ( the age old battle of polygons vs sprites ) NF normally runs
at 100mb of ram for me, i've never encountered it running at 3GB of ram,I suggest checking
your Graphics card settings ( advanced options ) the new GPUs have adjustable settings per
application/program/game that can be tweaked to make it run smooth.

  • Re : Graphical Lag

    05. 04. 2011 09:50

I could understand thaT but this seems to be a texture problem. If the textures are not optimized or there are to
many being loaded into memory then you will have lag also. This will go away when you don't see as many objects
cause you video card won't draw what it can't see. This is what I am experiencing. If it was a program causing the
lag then it should be continous.

  • Re : Graphical Lag

    05. 04. 2011 09:17

welcome to hackfield. :) the new hackshield program causes lots of problems in terms of