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  • xp bug/glitch?

    05. 05. 2011 10:31

after every match i hav theres to of the guys that only get like 25-100 xp when the
rest get liike 500-5000 xp.... aaany1 hav any way to fix this?

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 09. 2011 13:39

ya... ur alllmost funnny there lilit

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 09. 2011 04:26

"awell lol / do u even know what MLG stands for?"

My Life is Gay?

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 08. 2011 21:39

for fast link here it is
aa guide by cubone

your problem is your impatience and why still go on mission where you can go directly to
gb2 for fun...

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 08. 2011 20:51

Why dont you get off your high horse and show a little humility. MLG or not most of
these guys are jerking you around because you came here for help yet you piss off the
ones who give constructive criticism.

This game and the players who play it punish arrogance and ignorance with poor
rewards and a lot of bashing and hatred. Dont go blaming an exp glitch or bug because
of your poor performance and even poorer knowledge of the game and expect miracle

Other players around you can get 5k exp in a DD and AA or both by being observant
and actively seeking knowledge, and mostly by NOT torping in a CL, CA, or BB, shooting
teammates, or give up on some aspect of the game because it is too hard.

if you need a hint, read the stickies in tips&tactics for AA pointers

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 08. 2011 19:52

i just tryed some aa missions aand .... IT IS THE BIGGEST PAIN .... the aimming is all
stupid and annoying :@ soo unless some1 can help me i say aa can piss off :l

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 05. 2011 19:51

there's a penalty to exp for every level away (high or low) your sailors are from the
level of the ship (I'm also informed that level of guns/aircraft/etc "can" also affect the
sailors in those slots, but don't quote me on that one).

there's a well deserved, and not nearly enough of one, for shooting your own
teamates. this is when you shoot some poor DD who's in too close to the enemy ship
you're targeting, or somebody crosses you and you shoot anyways. those wayward
guns that fire in a direction other than where you're targeting at (ECL Emerald users
know this one well). and heaven forbid, those who lob torps around carelessly in the
"general direction of the enemy" without a care who's in the way.

and finally, if you use guns, in any combination with HH, Torps, Depth Charges, TB/DB
and so forth, also gets you smaller exp.

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 05. 2011 17:53

benefit of aaing
- decent xp
- you can get experts fast (distributed to all sailor aboard)
- since your nation is a km its easy to learn their aa, get the lvl 30 ones and the GA is
36 degree
- you dont get xp penalty for hitting friendly ( :D except flame from the friendly cv)

at topic
if your crew is lower level than your ship, you either need to back track to lower level
ship that they gain 100% xp or train another bo to go to other line...

even if your MLG you should need some guides...

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 05. 2011 16:25

Major League Gaming, you sound like you have an inflated ego and a poor understanding of a
BB's optimal role in Navyfield.

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 05. 2011 15:03


Make sure that the sailors is not more then 15 levels away from the ship...

  • Re : xp bug/glitch?

    05. 05. 2011 15:02

awell lol / do u even know what MLG stands for?
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