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  • Wager Wars?

    05. 05. 2011 20:53

Lets create a type of room that we can do such as 1v1 or 5v5, that allow us to do wagers,
and the winners get win the amount.

  • Re : Wager Wars?

    05. 06. 2011 05:41


Gambling is gambling. So if you D/C'd and lost the wager, so what. Don't 1v1 anymore :)
Also there should be a 30 second "draw" period after a player sinks. If both players sink
then no one wins and no credits are lost.

Respawns like in Op-Con would be sweet too for 5v5's. Tally up kills within 25 minutes or so.

  • Re : Wager Wars?

    05. 06. 2011 00:31

This is something that I suggested before, not in suggestions though so your fine :D

I would love to see it as I love 1v1s, this is cena200 btw so im sure you know that.

Few issues though.. if it is 1v1, you both sink each other, whoever has more attack
wins the game.. so they would get the credits even though it is realisticly a draw,
also if someone dcd within 30 seconds, the other guy would also get the creds..

I think TNF would rather the 1v1 style it is now, that way they do not need to get
involved in any disputes as everything is at your own risk.

  • Re : Wager Wars?

    05. 05. 2011 23:35

Maybe if the only place they could be opened was the fleet area, to avoid cluttering up
the battle area.

  • Re : Wager Wars?

    05. 05. 2011 23:28

hmmm kinda nice idea, what will be the wage? cred? points? cred and points? :D