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  • Yuno's May Update

    05. 06. 2011 14:18

Dear Fans of Navy Field,

It has been some time since my last update was posted. I hope you are all doing very well.
I have few things to update today so please read through them carefully.

1. New Navy Field Website
This new site is completed as of this moment and is currently being tested by GMs and TNF
members. There are just a few things needing to be fixed before we launch it. The reason
why it takes so long is because the new site is completely made from scratch. It has a new
item system, new design, new coding, etc.; everything is new. Therefore, when the new site
is out, you will have to fill out your information again as the only detail you will have
from this current one is your account name. We will give you more detailed information
concerning this before launching the site. It will take just another few weeks. We are
aiming to release at the end of May. Thank you very much for your patience. However, I bet
you will like the new site and believe it's worth the wait.

2. Upcoming Events
We are about to hold the biggest NF event in NF history for showing our appreciation to NF
players. It's also part of the NF 5th Anniversary and will be hosted alongside Xfire.
There will be many ways to enjoy event and we뭭e prepared some great prizes such as iPad
2s and high-end graphics cards. The event will be held during the end of June or beginning
of July. Detailed information will be coming soon, so this is just a heads up.

3. New NF Project "Monster vs National Fleet"
Are you familiar with this ship? This is new monster ship that we are currently working
on. This ship is not for players (sorry), but this will be used for entertaining you. It
will be used for special Fleet vs Monster ship or National Defense vs Monster ship Events.
Your fleet will need to register for the events and when your fleet defeats the ship
prizes will be awarded. The ship is graphically complete and will be coming this summer.

4. Other things currently under development
New submarines are graphically complete and will be launching this summer as well. Also, a
new "Harbor Assault" game mode is currently undergoing the design process and we are
aiming to finish it by this winter. We are making a completely new game mode which is
different from the current HA for more entertainment. We have also been working on NF
client stability enhancements so it runs more smoothly on some laptops and low spec PCs.

That wraps up my information for this update. It may not be the most detailed, but I just
want to give you updates on what we are doing since some of you may have wondered. We will
give you much more details by Newsletter and forum posts soon. I thank you all for your
continued support of Navy Field.

Thank you.



  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    06. 10. 2011 19:59

true, they did announce the new website in Janurary but remember what happened to the MN
line? they were in such a hurry to get that thing onto the NA server that they overlooked
so many balance problems and even took stats straight from the EU and Korean servers
(totally not suitable for our server). Then look what happened when they (sorta) took
their time to makes sure balance stuff worked with SN (although the 2 hour delay and
sprite fail made quite a facepalm moment). Let them take their time with the site.
Truthfully, I think this site's fine so the new one would just be interesting, not
absolutely nessecary.

  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    06. 09. 2011 12:54

when will be this event ... ? or i missed it --"

  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    06. 02. 2011 07:17

I like how the announced side is six months after the announced release and is presented
as something awesome. Some things never stop to deliver.

  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    06. 02. 2011 04:16

hmmm end of may release for new website? any info on this yuno, I mean if your
going to be moving past what you say, maybe have enough respect for your player
base to inform them on whats going on, I mean you cant be that busy, if you were
maybe things would be on time for once

  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    06. 01. 2011 06:54

are ss5 screens somwhere?

  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    05. 24. 2011 02:02

I can큧 wait until all this thing start!


  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    05. 23. 2011 04:41

ss5 and then SS6 I knew it. There will also be new event battleships and finally event

  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    05. 22. 2011 11:22


"true emma..just true. they just fail to see the important things!"

How can they parouse these forums and fail to see the pages and pages, request
on top of request for important things asked for by the community?

It is impossible.

The problem is a lack of accountability on the part of Yuno and company. And as
long as money keeps coming in SDE will be none the wiser and things will stay the
same. If however there were to be a boycott or drying up of revenues, immediate
action would be taken by those whos head hovered near the chopping block.

  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    05. 21. 2011 17:16

monster bb ? :O wth ?:O

  • Re : Yuno's May Update

    05. 21. 2011 15:56

can you put monster BB in a mission room!?
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