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  • cv experience -

    05. 07. 2011 05:40

i would like to know if this cv update still applies

it states that fighters dont earn experience!!!

can any one tell me this isnt true ?? because if it is it would certainly explain why
leveling my cv crew has seem to have gotten alot harder and longer..


  • Re : cv experience -

    05. 09. 2011 05:29

im getting around 25-40k a battle give or take.. thats without premium. ok well thanx
guys good to know. im just glad my fighters still get xp for me.

  • Re : cv experience -

    05. 08. 2011 20:20

its easy to get 30k credits only when theres a good some CVs sending fighters constantly
in the enemy team, try to get 30k credits when the other team if full of noobs/BW CVs

  • Re : cv experience -

    05. 08. 2011 20:12

already tested in CV2 and CV3 KM used first only fighters, then only bombers and at
last a config with fighters and bombers.

you get far more exp DB/TB than only using fighters, if you can use fighters AND
bombers you will get a lot of exp and credits than only bombing so in the end the
exp/credit table will be:

only fts << only bombers << both

also there's no need to kill a enemy ship, just doing over 1000 dmg and that it

  • Re : cv experience -

    05. 08. 2011 19:50

The only thing that makes it hard is the situation. Just like in a BB if there isnt enough
food or the enemy always runs away its harder to achieve.

  • Re : cv experience -

    05. 08. 2011 19:35

30k personal credits in a CV3?

Meh I always sucked with fighters.

  • Re : cv experience -

    05. 08. 2011 17:44

Both are easy to achieve in BB/CV3+ :)

  • Re : cv experience -

    05. 08. 2011 15:14

i don't think 15k in personal is equivalent to 100k in bb.

  • Re : cv experience -

    05. 07. 2011 06:57

No, it was changed 1-3 weeks(can't remember how much time) after this patch so that
"in-game credits" "Plane & Anti-Air attack" also counts as attack and will receive 100%

But overall, if you don't get attack(with guns or planes or AA) you will receive 30% exp.
for all sailors.

PS. If you get below 15K in-game credits per game, yes you level slow. If you get 30K
in-game credits per game, you level equivalent to a 100K damage in a BB per game(so
pretty good).(this without counting normal attack)

The method you use to get that high in-game credits is up to you.