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  • The flying hedgehog!

    05. 08. 2011 20:06

It is somehow ironic posting this with the current thread regarding HH in blitz.
Oh well, couldn't resist and for having nothing to do this weekend.
It last 7 minutes, so keep it for another time if you don't have that much time left.

Oh yea, no need to comment how GB's becoming a joke now. It's such a mess with the merge.

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 10. 2011 13:44

It says in the end credits: he used tracks from Movie soundtrack for The Hunt For Red
October & Crimson Tide

BTW Richard, next time you do one of these, can you let me know so I can watch? :P
Oh, and here's a link to some music that might work for your next compilation as well:

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 10. 2011 11:39

hahahah nice1 richard
u rly have some skills with HH's xD

btw mate can u tell me what music ur using in the vid? kinda interested for US harbor
music mod ;P

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 09. 2011 19:49

Oh!!! Knight Templar, the first squadron and home ever joined and it disbanded few days
after I joined .

Don't worry angus, I got screenie of yours too :P

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 09. 2011 17:27

Maybe thats because the guns they are using aren't really designed for being a cruiser's
main armament. I don't know everything about the game for sure, but I do know that its a
bunch of B.S. that people make their ships do crazy things (like the HH mess that led to
the start of this video) that were probably never intended in the first place.

If you have a ship that can't defend itself, then you need to re-consider and come up with
a different setup. AA should be nerfed if the team loses. Otherwise, whats the penalty???
It makes no difference if they win or lose. In fact, its about as bad, if not worse, then
the shared xp system. It encourages selfish behavior. If you really for one second believe
that there are no people in the game that AA and don't care about anything else around
them you need to do a reality check.

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 09. 2011 17:20

+1 support for nyerkovic.

KM40s, KM's dual 3.46", IJN dual 4.7, and MN's dual 3.5" all don't have HE ammo.
Outside of those guns, there are very few as good AA guns that have HE ammo.

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 09. 2011 17:16

Lionel... I agree there is enough space for 1 HE bind, but that was not the whole point,
if you finish reading you would see that I said there are guns that don not have HE
Shells as an option. Every KM player for example would not be happy with your nerfing
as their best AA guns have no HE Shells... so even if they wanted to, they couldn't do

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 09. 2011 16:52

I just noticed that I've been stalking noob richard since '08 :O

On topic, I agree with the HH surface damage nerf.

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 09. 2011 16:24

@nyerkovic - having only AA shells is a BS excuse. There is plenty of room in the bunker
for 1 bind of HE. Leaving yourself completely open to attack is incredibably stupid. Also,
in case you didn't notice, they weren't manuvering away from the HH ship either....

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 09. 2011 14:33

Anyone who lets an enemy moltke get that close has no right to complain when they get
hammered by it.

Highly entertaining

  • Re : The flying hedgehog!

    05. 09. 2011 06:07

HHs are just redic.

Also, happy 100th post to me!
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