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  • Weird EXP Issue

    05. 11. 2011 15:29

I was using an Atlanta with my level 37 cv crew, that I am leveling up. My crew
compliment is as follows: 1 Reload Gunner, 1 BO, the rest pilots.

I am using front mounted turrets with the reload gunner and sometimes score 14k
in a blitz.

I tried remodeling the atlanta to a Juneau to get the bigger guns in hopes of doing
more damage for more exp. Now though only a few of my pilots gain exp, and not all of
them, they get 0 exp, they are the right level for the ship, and I have premium so they
should at the least get 1k exp but they dont, and yes i stay in the fight for at least 5

I then downgraded it back down to an Atlanta but still get 0 exp on my pilots.

  • Re : Weird EXP Issue

    05. 12. 2011 06:11

Yes thank you, it worked.

  • Re : Weird EXP Issue

    05. 11. 2011 23:50

try outmounting your sailor from your ship, then log out and log in, then mount your
sailors, this should work

  • Re : Weird EXP Issue

    05. 11. 2011 23:44

Did you take the crew off before remodeling the ship? If you didn't then the game bugs out
and acts like the sailor(s) are not onboard even if they are.