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  • Patch 1.319

    05. 11. 2011 19:00

Servers will be down on the night of May 11th, from 11PM through 1AM (2 hours)
Pacific Standard Time. (May 12th, 06:00 -> 08:00 GMT/UTC time)

Patch 1.319

1. Formation of escorts no longer require credits.
2. Warning message about entering Blitzkrieg rooms has been added when
a submarine in your ship tree.
3. The image for overheat gauge has been improved. You will now see it turn red
when it is in use, and return to green when recovering from use.
4. The member requirement (over 30) for declaring Harbor Assault will count squad
members properly.

Thank you,

Here's the deal menz. We all load up CL escorts with sonar, and watch all the subs
moan and whine about how they can't be stealthy anymore. Then after many tears
are made we will give a big jajajaja.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 15. 2011 23:07

@ Humberto,

I agree everything what you said there. ESPECIALLY about bb6s, I actually think
they ARE overpowered. I felt like those BB6s are more like BB7s. BB5 going against
BB6 felt like a BB2 going aganist BB4. I didn't feel like going against BB6 in a BB5
as "1 tier class higher" , felt more like a whole two tier class higher.

I don't think SDE will ever nerf BB6s but I will keep dreaming and hope it happen
one day!

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 15. 2011 22:37

@ Firezmissles :

"Here's the deal menz. We all load up CL escorts with sonar, and watch all the subs
moan and whine about how they can't be stealthy anymore. Then after many tears
are made we will give a big jajajaja."

And? I really don't see your point, didn't you BB players cried for months about
SS "are too much OP"?

It's awesome how (and how many) peoples on Navyfield forget things they don't
want to remember.

I'm playing both BB, SS and CV, and imo I'm not too bad at it, everyone is
saying "Playing SS is easy, hit "U" then free Exp" Before speaking about it you
better try a sub yourself, it even requires more skills than drive a BB......

So for get back to my point, "Then after many tears
are made we will give a big jajajaja. "

You'll never make as more Tears that the SS "Over Power" made at you.

On this point, gonna jump on my SS for some battles for pass on the "OP" BB I have,
See you!

Decaf, Only and Best Kaiser Server n00b.

PS : Hmmmm, Sorry for the Mistakes I may (and surelly) made in the post, English is
not my First language ;).

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 14. 2011 10:23

It amuses me that you think that what you did was a valid tactic ^_^

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 13. 2011 13:08

^ that is why, i go after enemy SS. Great Battle its all About TEAM WORK, your team
SS are responsible to assist Team BB with support, defending. if my memory doesnt
fail, a year ago, people said SS are supposed to Attack BB, while i was killing nothing
but SS.And now, see how the history reverse, now SS are supposed to be killed by
SS. Not my fault, your team failed to support you with ss service. Same with ASW,
theses days, alot of DDs play whatever they want and not to the job how its
supposed to be, DONT BLAME THE SS abilities, because of your team failure, its the
same thing happening to CVs, if you lose = easy blames to cvs.

In shorts words; Submarines are meant to fight Submarines! if you let one of the
pass your defensived line, you pretty much messed right there.Should i say: if you
play too good in any regular ship, should i say that ship is overpowered?

BTW the reason the torpedoes are that strong, its because : WE DONT HAVE that
many torpedoes, and we dont have that many displacement to carry some more!
dont you think thats fair? you should be thanksfull that the disbalanced BB6's carrys
more bullets, they hit hard. they have range,etc......

while few submarine drivers, have the abilitie to go 35-40 knots and most
submarines drivers dont.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 13. 2011 12:32

Actually I am getting close to 2 years in the fleet. I don't even own a moltke. But
there seems to be a misunderstanding, I don't dislike sub play itself. Being able to
stealth and ambush a BB is fun and strategic but nobody truly appreciates that from
the fact of its huge attack and huge splash radius. Dodging SS torps is nearly
impossible in a BB because you'll take full damage on the first wave and the second
wave will finish you off with the big splash, sometimes trying to dodge will put you in
a bad position so the enemy BBs will sink you. SS uses torp which can attack all
ships. Other ships can't attack them with their guns because they are submerged.
So long as I don't have to keep hearing SS complaining how a BB runs away or
about HH being used against them(which they have the option to crit dive to take
minor damage instant of death lol) than I wouldn't really have a problem about it.
One sub being able to take out a flank of BBs makes it hard to not be mad when a
8v8 suddenly turned into a 8v3 and you've got to fall back to try and sink a
submarine that will 80% pop a smoke because if you don't sink it or force it to dive
then you're going to be pushed back against the wall even more.

Oh hey sylver good to see you posting again cause I wasn't around last time to post
on the other topic before it got locked. First, I rarely die to SS its like 1 in 30 games
or even smaller chance. Secondly, Jedi did not have enough members online to have
two rows pushing so your bad excuse is invalid. Savor the humiliation of not being
able to sink 1 FF that had 3" guns on and the weak x1 torp with big arming time.
I'm glad to see that you wasted all of your torpedoes in that futile effort. And I did
take a screenshot and I knew it was you however I did not say the specific name
but hey, since you revealed it was you then fine.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 13. 2011 11:13

Alot of BB drivers says: They are skilless ship class.

" I invite them to play Submarines, and try to play in the middle of Wolfspacks and
ASW around them, and see if they dont require skills"

this is all what i have to say for this Quote.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 13. 2011 02:51

Meh, Let the SS kill them all...

I thought this was a tread about the last patch. It apears somebody has been dying in
his BB by SS far to many times.

Stop whining and do something about it. Make a pair of gunners, buy yourself a couple
of PHH, get an FF escort if you feel you really need one and you eliminated all your
problems. We had plenty of events to get PHH. You can even play your SS and kill SS for
a couple of matches(if your competent atleast in a SS to begin with)

But offcourse some of us prefer to use 2 extra supports and whine and call SS
gameplay easymode if SS kills us.

Yup genius tactic to nerf SS.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 23:45

Most people seem to think that anyone who drives a sub, does so because he/she
fails at other ships. That's a rather fallacious and pompous generalization.

Truth is, there are many players fascinated by submarine warfare, and who
naturally, take up the sub line because of that very reason, and not simply because
it's the easy mode.

Like how some of us like battleships, they like subs instead. Why certain people
need to use that as a reason to paint others in lesser light, is beyond me.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 23:44

"Also I don't know what being a former jedi has to do with being full of yourself. You
know well there are other sub players who are full of themselves too. "

jedi=full of self (and we are good at it)
being a jedi... i was trained to the best like every other jedi such as yourself...thats
why we dominated for 4 years straight
if you cant see that you have much to learn about being jedi *still*
you have been in jedi for what now 3-4 years and you cant see it?
so my point is i carry the jedi traits whatever im in...may it be a z99 and ss or the
ask any jedi if they have an ego lol ask splid, lj,brave,kings or any other old school
jedi and you will see...its not a bad thing just makes us stronger(but
sometimes ignorant to others feelings such as your very first comment about ss
crying)...but one thing firesilver and steve taught me was to respect people and the
ships they use because its our food and friends...i just wish everyone had the same
ethics...apparently not...
not once ever have i ever mocked people for the ship they used...may it be an oyodo
or a bb with no scout or a kita with HH... or a cv with just fighters or bombers...even
your motlke with just HH (which i do find lame but i dont razz you about it)

as for the other subs there is only a handful full of themselves and we stick up for
the people who arent ...we are the ones that complain and so called whine about
the unfair treatment of subs other class of ship has been treated like this...not

and i dont play cv.. i dont know what you are talking about...i suck at cv and rarely
play it because its not my thing (even though i have 4cv)...i only play it during HA
because i dont like the flag idea with CV..if i do use in GB2 its just because we need
a cv to start the i get in it to get us going..sry i misread your cv incident
you are talking about...i could care less of the episode...i dont even remember it plus
it's irrelavent...

as for being as "good" as me in a sub...highly unlikely ..i can eat km subs with a sn
ss2 ... so get in a km ss4 ill get in my SN ss2 .. in fact bring some friends too :) ..ill be
running half the speed with no proxy torps with half the sd and half the air and i'ld
still whip your butts...and remember to bring escorts too. :)

HI HUMBERTO :D another "one of the best ss players" bert can whip ur butt too and
system360 and starluck and maurelio and ma19sa65 and speedy and ultra dog and
many others

for asw players infemalis is "one of the best" and you firez and sgtdraco and
ma19sa65 and many others as well

there will be many up and comers to be the best at their ships... -.- the one thing i
thought we all had was respect for each other and the ships we use..its all ive ever
wanted..and when you fight the best with the get a gg, no matter who
wins or loses.

  • Re : Patch 1.319

    05. 12. 2011 22:50

@ Dingy: What I meant by the statement is that you are no good in CV unless of course you
always fail on purpose.

@ Humberto: TL:DR

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