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  • navyfield 3d?????????

    05. 11. 2011 21:52

continus years and not have nf 3d , and not have this game in other idioms , only
event and more pay, continus add other ship other nation but this game continus
same , no advance, greats, for this the people no playing more

  • Re : navyfield 3d?????????

    05. 12. 2011 10:19

There is no new information on NF3D besides the information already posted on the
forums by GM/TNF. If there is any news on this, it will be posted and all people will be

The rest of the thread is just rant.

- Locked

  • Re : navyfield 3d?????????

    05. 11. 2011 23:40

I will give my account to my grandchild as inheritance....

  • Re : navyfield 3d?????????

    05. 11. 2011 22:38

they have lots of improvements in line before that 3D thing..NF says they're working on
3D for many years so patience till you get

  • Re : navyfield 3d?????????

    05. 11. 2011 22:23

It will never come out, just face it. They have been working on this supposidly forever.
This navyfield version is too successful.