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  • "navyFIELD.exe has stopped working"

    05. 12. 2011 09:17

So I just installed the game and when I click the launch button, it checks for updates,
says it is ready to play, when I press play the game starts up with a black screen,
flickers a bit, then says "navyFIELD.exe has stopped working".

Any ideas on why this is happening and how I can start playing this game?

  • Re :

    06. 05. 2011 15:16

Same problem.

OS: windows 7 home prem. 64 bit

played for about 6 months now, no problem. now, about a week ago, it stopped
working. reinstalled it, tried the run as admin, restarted, etc, still doesnt work. i also
tried putting it in the (X86) folder. still doesnt work.

Mine is working. Here is what i did:

Stolen from kulebrakai

you Have to do this...

Right click on "Computer"

Select "Properties"

Click on "Advanced System Settings"(Left panel)

Click "Settings" under Performance

Click on the "Data Execution Prevention" Tab.

Click on Activate DEP

Click on ADD

Find Navyfield.exe

Click open

I added navyfield.exe AND all the .EXE in hs folder and the enfuns updater folder

and then close all and Launch Navyfield..

here a screenshoot!!

thats work for me...


  • Re :

    05. 14. 2011 14:50

ok guys
u must understand what i say
my english is not so good because i speak korean better than english
ur problems i know that
u know why?
if ur internet service company is time warner cable(LA CA USA)
u can nott access those sites,,
and navyfield site ip ip location is south korea)
i asked time warner cable techical support man
my computer is fine, internet connection fine
just problem is those sites
but ATT internet service company can access those sites
i can not access those sites(navyfield game too)
i do not know what can i do fix it
just i telling u why u can not access navyfield game

ps)i am sorry~~~~~ my english is NOT so GOOD!!!

  • Re :

    05. 12. 2011 22:07

What about your graphics card? Some graphic cards don't support OpenGL fully and won't
play navyfield correctly. Though this shouldn't be an issue if you're running navyfield on
a modern desktop.

  • Re : new guy.

    05. 12. 2011 17:07

Arvan must be a new guy, new to our NF world :D but lets help him out.

I run Windows Vista Basic, with AMD Athlon X2 Processor.

In your properties, u dont want your Compatibility mode Checked.

it says for me Run this program in compatibility mode for:

and mine is Windows XP (Service Pack2) U do NOT want that box checked.
The game will not run if that box is checked. Ive been on NF for 2.6 Years, and it has
never been checked. As i said make sure that box isn't checked.

i hope ive been a bit helpful but if its not checked for u, then i dont know what i can
tell u. But if its not checked then try other compatibility on it, but make sure its not
checked when your done. And ALWAYS RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR! (=

  • Re :

    05. 12. 2011 14:35

what kind of win7 ? starter? home? prof? ultimate?

i got no problem in installing nf just recent on a friend's laptop,

os win7 ultimate 64x
4gb ram

installation all normal didn't change anything to where it will be installed

run fine except for a bit lag (using wifi :D) but all fine

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    05. 12. 2011 12:47

Ok so I uninstalled the game, re downloaded it and now it will not even install. It jsut
says the install wizard is getting ready, that window will then disappear and then
nothing :S

  • Re :

    05. 12. 2011 11:54

Not an official solution, but at lease for some people and also for me, checking that NF
instals in the (x86) program folder makes it a lot better in terms of stability.

I tend to get the "navyFIELD.exe has stopped working" only when I rush to do other
things with the computer before NF finishes loading (this includes the patching

Aside from that, I have very few issues with NF in this new computer. I switched from
XP a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be worse but it isn't at least for me.

  • Re :

    05. 12. 2011 10:04

Im running Windows 7 on an HP Pavillion

Intel i5 processor making 2.27 GHz
64 Bit OS

  • Re :

    05. 12. 2011 09:45

Posting your system specs would be a good idea..