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  • Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 10:37

"The police are the public and the public are the police." -Robert Peel

Moderators as being as analogy to the police of the game in this statement.

Do you think the moderators/monitors in this game are like this quote?
Do you think that they are too above or below that statement?

Other Thoughts, opinions?

Obviously this isn't a thread to start flaming about them either so try not to.


  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 17. 2011 18:35

Hey, its Hog! Do hope all is well w/ you and yours ;).

Things I find are lack of fun stuff for the mods to do. It gets be a general feeling of
"eh, do i really wanna log into NF?" TNF needs a more fun aspect added to their role(s)
than just pa-trolling the servers/site. Their introduction into Harbor Assault was a good
idea but hardly can they compete against more battle organized fleets.

If their not going to help ref events then how about allowing a TeamNF to compete in some
of these smaller events? I think it will do wonders for PR and for them on a personal
level. I really have no thoughts to give on any Mod as I dnt feel it productive to go down
that beaten trail. We have/had the great ones and the not so great ones. Never will they
all be what everyone expects them to be.

Then we have Jedi, tried and true in staying the course ;)

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 17. 2011 11:08

Will do Hog.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 17. 2011 10:53

The problem that continues with TNF is that you will never get the players you need to
volunteer. For every Dampre you get, you have 10 useless MODs.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 17. 2011 10:01

One suggestion,

Be like Dampre :D

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 17. 2011 08:32

That's good to read Vick. It very well could of been an issue that revolved around
me and SDE not having full confidence in my judgement. Regardless, if you, Vick, say
its changed I have full confidence its true. Pass along my best to Min, his crew of
nuckleheads at SDE, and thos MODs that are still around that I served with.
A good group of people I miss bull ****ing with.


  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 17. 2011 00:04

Things have changed Hog - good to see you by the way :) - particularly on the
activity front, but I would also say on the capability piece as well. Long may that

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 16. 2011 23:06

Wow i did not know that.... Thank you...
Side-Effects of knowing this are
Urge to go easier on mods
Go out of my way to thank the good ones
Put a happy face when the losers are online
Make the Good mods jobs easier

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 16. 2011 20:27

"I like the part where elite stars emo rage about me banning mathew.

The whole fleet were QQing, it was beautiful."

Haha, +10 for you.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 16. 2011 20:03

There are good mods and there are bad mods not all are bad but some are & thos
some give a bad name to TNF and drag them down to level were people like myself
grow to hate TNF... There was a time i respected them and wished to be one however
that time has come and passed... I would like to say if a mod does not like dealing with
other players problems they should quit why would one stay a mod if they hate it... The
Best mods are fair ones who are stable with their action...

I been kicked off the sever 2x by one mod but i dont have any hard feels since i know i
was in the wrong and that user would do the same to another...

That said being kicked off a sever in a rude way and then later report same stuff that i
was kicked for and nothing is done is when i know mods are taking biais...

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 16. 2011 11:43

I am pleased that Mods patrol the game rooms regularly.

The WTS/WTB advertisements, the excess macro nonsense, and other player vs
player dialog is disturbing. I appreciate the Mods.

Besides, that NF team logo is a good target.
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