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  • Uk torpbomber problem.

    05. 13. 2011 15:35


I am using Ark royal with lvl80 elite torpbombers, i am using manual torping and
after i find the perfect position to torp, i press the (.) key, nothing happens... i press
it again again again, than it drops the bomb.. but it drops it right on the ship. i
waste all my time with it. What am i doing wrong? Why sometimes there are delays
with torping, sometimes it's not even torping.
I will be glad if anyone can help.
Thank you.

  • Re : Uk torpbomber problem.

    06. 09. 2011 03:50

luduka just to correct you you can be 0 to 10 to drop your torps :)

  • Re : Uk torpbomber problem.

    06. 07. 2011 14:53


I am lvl 94 now with elit crew, one thing i can say,
i wish i hadn't chosen the uk nation for cv.

  • Re : Uk torpbomber problem.

    05. 25. 2011 10:58

Your bombers need to be at 0 altitude.
If you have lag press the torping button early.They will bomb great.(come on, 1cm
diference dont change alot)
If your TB dont want to automatically dive to bomb, see if they are at 100 altitude.
If your bombers dont want to bomb, see if you have all your torpedoes used.( UK have
lowest TB loss so load more than 2 torpedoes for each plane)

  • Re : Uk torpbomber problem.

    05. 24. 2011 20:36

as alex said make sure you dont have any other programmes running in the background.. it
doesnt cause lag bu it does use system resources which may appear as lag ingame.

so check those things before you chew out the nf devs lol.

  • Re : Uk torpbomber problem.

    05. 22. 2011 12:24

ive encountered this problem too, the trick is to give yourself a lot of time before you
actually want to torp. essentially start spamming the (.) key a fw seconds before you
would want to normally, eventually youll find your timing and get it perfectly.

if that doesnt work it could be mostly due to lag. and as a side note about lag; dont
complain about lag if your doing other things on your computer while playing NF
even with the largest RAM and fastest internet connection.

  • Re : Uk torpbomber problem.

    05. 21. 2011 10:33

you do to the key (.) as the line from Monty Python & the Holy Grail goes "spam spam
spam spam spam"

just make sure you're not on the (,) or (/) spamming it by mistake while you're on a run

  • Re : Uk torpbomber problem.

    05. 20. 2011 21:43

oh, so manual TBs have their problems too.

well, as for autoTBing, there are shitty amounts of bugs too, especially when you click at
target and they wont dive..

  • Re : Uk torpbomber problem.

    05. 14. 2011 07:38

cause the game is buggy and crap and lags like hell and the devs are more interested in
adding new and more buggy things rather than fixing the stuff that dont thats already in
the game..

its mostly down to lag.. their is some serious issues with the servers causeing mass
latency issues for some players.. and the result is extreme lag type problems..

i personally dont think its lag but more confliction within the game programmins crossed
file pathes and conflicting codeing which is causing the game to suffer..

but its important to note that some players are able to play with no problems at all.

im with you matey, i too have massive probelms with navy field screen lock ups and freezes
disconnections and so on, and i have a brilliant internet connection and a far above par
pc system.. the only problem lies with the game and the servers itself.. and its a problem
that the games developers cannot find. or simply dont know how to fix.

untill they figure it out im afriad your gonna have to just make do with it, cause they
dont really care if your enjoying your time with nf or not.