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  • Give Scouts HF/DF

    05. 14. 2011 09:36

First of all, wikipedia can explain it better than I can:
High Frequency Direction Finding used two radio receivers to locate an enemy
transmission through triangulation. It helped Allied convoys avoid many KM subs.

I suggest this be implemented in NF through the use of high level scouts; The BB has
1 receiver, the scout has the other. When the player decides to activate the HF/DF,
any submerged sub within the scout's sight range will be revealed(notice it is NOT
the BB's sight range; this keeps a scout from halfway across the map from spotting a
sub next to the BB). In order to keep SS from becoming worthless, this time of reveal
should be very limited (around 3 seconds), but could recharge before the plane has
to land (20-30 second cooldown).

The goal of this suggestion is to give BB drivers a little help in sub warfare. Normally,
if there is no escort with a sonarman on board, a sub can have his way with a bigger
ship. This suggestion will give BBs a small idea of where the enemy sub is facing,
which in turn will allow them to make better tactical choices.

  • Re : Give Scouts HF/DF

    05. 15. 2011 15:06

Lionel is right.

No intelligent sub talks on the radio or radiates radar when he's surrounded by the enemy
unless he's more concerned about communicating their positions than he is with his own
survival. Also, he wouldn't be submerged at the time. He'd be at periscope depth so a
better suggestion would be to make his periscope visible. That has been suggested before.

Until battery replaces the ridiculous concept of air for submergence time, there will be
no periscope depth, there will be no visible mast, and as such... there will be no radio
or radar transmissions. So not recc'd until all of those other things happen first that
must come before comms interceptions.

  • Re : Give Scouts HF/DF

    05. 14. 2011 17:40

"Subs are virutally neutered nowadays anyway."


"Subs are not a real threat to NF anymore."


  • Re : Give Scouts HF/DF

    05. 14. 2011 16:58

Sorry I disagree with this idea. Why is it that you are only able to see subs? Why not any
other surface ship? What if they are in radio listening silence? Maybe the subs don't feel
like talking on the radio so you would have nothing to trangulate. Sorry, but I think this
is over complicating the game. My suggestion is to just get yourself a good escort ship
with sonar.

  • Re : Give Scouts HF/DF

    05. 14. 2011 16:45

Please stop making suggestions. Some players could not handle anymore on those
frustrating patches. Dont make NF complicated.

  • Re : Give Scouts HF/DF

    05. 14. 2011 12:26

*sigh* replying to ultra here...

1) Maybe in 89% of the games YOURE in a sub. Just because you may suck doesnt
mean everyone else does.
2) Correction: CAN run sonarmen. And its not WELL outside torp range, its pretty
close to the range, a little outside.

3)Lets split this into 2 parts.
A. yes, its well outside torp range. But shooting outside of torp range is MUCH less
B. Again, while it may be outside torp range, the HHs have a high hangtime so you
have plenty of time to turn, speed up, slow down/stop, or use the invincible crit dive.

4. People can run down BBs in subs. Not only have i seen it happen, ive done it.
Besides, whats keeping you from running back to your teams side after a salvo or 2
of torps? You have plenty of air, so you dont really HAVE to follow the BB. Youre just
the dumb one who does it. Go after something else.

"Subs are not a real threat to NF anymore. "

And you are still not diagnosed for that mental disease.
As for the actual topic, i like the idea. I think it needs to wait at least until subs are
rebalanced, however. As it is, there are so many weapons that do a ton of damage,
being invisible underwater is pretty much their only advantage. Once they get
rebalanced (hopefully the right way) this would be an effective alternative, but i also
think it needs to be for the T5 scout only so that its not being used by everybody at

  • Re : Give Scouts HF/DF

    05. 14. 2011 11:31


Subs are virutally neutered nowadays anyway.

1) 80% of all games, the subs are obliterated (both sides) within 5 minutes.
2) FF/DD/CL run sonarmen and identify subs well outside torp range.
3) HH shots are well outside torp range.
4) besides, all you have to do is turn and run the opposite direction and wait until
the sub runs out of air (~3 mins or less).

Subs are not a real threat to NF anymore.

  • Re : Give Scouts HF/DF

    05. 14. 2011 09:38

good idea. recc'd