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  • Annoying Escort

    05. 15. 2011 10:50

i wanna ask, if somebody use his Escort ship on the BB
line, and it was very disturbing another player movement,
what r u think about it?

Do we allowed to interfere other players? every player
has the same right, to not be disturbed. except we lost
with fair in battle. But not lost b'cos of our team action.

the question is :
Is that true if people can just disturb other player and
can't be punished? It was too annoying? its not fair to see
someone like him play with that annoying others player in the
same team.
he never felt guilty or ashamed.
his nickname is *******

If i wrong with this statement, i'm sorry ... it was really pissed me off

*Username removed by Bloodsky*

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 16. 2011 19:42

Escort AA is most accurate when its closer to the ship.

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 16. 2011 15:44

Im in the quite opposite opinion, escorts are OP -.- some CVs that have a good AA escorts
are hell annoying to bomb :( (u cant fool a robot lowering or raising the height of your
plane's altitude)

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 16. 2011 12:09

I think most (if not all) players won't purposely try to make their escort keep x'ing
you just to annoy you, especially if both of them are in the middle of a line fight.

What likely happened is the guy got pissed at the escort and called the player out.
Since people don't take kindly to being called out, he took don't care approach.

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 16. 2011 07:32

what a rule

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 16. 2011 06:28

I like escorts. Yesterday, I had a Texas nuke a DD with his 8" guns... poor DD thought he
was going to get an easy CV kill. About ten games after that, I was using a Brooklyn
escort and a low DP POW gotten hammered into the ground by the rushing escort. Everyone
who saw got a good laugh out of it. A few games after that, I changed to a DDX that was
put up so much AA that a BW changed course and went after the BBs. Next game after that,
the DDX ate a torp for me while hunting an SS in the Brooklyn.

So four times in one day, escorts saved my tail. I think if used right, they do a great
job. I don't know if I'd use one on the gun line right now as my best BB only cruises at
28 knots. If I had more gun range and speed, I think a slower escort would do well there too.

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 15. 2011 23:37

If ever I host, the first thing I do is disable the escort option.

Apart from the crossing and impeding teammates, these escorts also contribute a
significant amount of AA spam, which makes slow computers like mine lag to hell.

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 15. 2011 17:07

the escort doesn't even save my butt, but make friendly BB can't move well, dodge,
manouver, shoot. this is getting worse by the very slow movement *******, that make the
escort crossing at me so slow, i can't shoot. what annoying escort

*Username edited by Bloodsky*

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 15. 2011 16:01

They can't really escort you at 8 knots.

If you are using it for ASW detection, it's pointless.

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 15. 2011 15:43

Put APA/SS engine on escort. Problem solved >.>

  • Re : Annoying Escort

    05. 15. 2011 14:26

Personally I'd like to see some kind of Non TK element to the escorts.

IE. You cant TK them and they cant TK you.
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