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Tip and Tactics



    05. 15. 2011 13:46

I have been playing in a VIIA and its way underpowered. does anyone have tips for
gaining experience more than 100 exp per game?

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    06. 05. 2011 00:07

use another ship along that path leading to the SS line (CL?) or even a PCL/PCA to gain
experience for your BO/other crew members until you can get into a higher level sub
(ss2, or even an ss3 if need be)

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    05. 31. 2011 08:26

SS 1 is not a pain, its a matter of skill, patience and tactics.

Notes on SS 1

Slow speed
Little submerged time
Low DP
Long Reload time

Powerful Torps, hits above its worth

You've got a SS2 from what you said, KM also.

Follow a north or south battle fleet
Match the latitude of enemy subs, but do not attack unless your battle line collapses
Save your torps, gradual fire, 1 and done for destroyers, 1 and wait when attacking subs,
they may dive when they see your torps.
Keep your deckgun, kill small vessels in range of your battle fleet, small vessels act
like scouts. A blind enemy is less effective.

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    05. 30. 2011 13:35

just hang in there and grind it out. the ss1 and ss2 will make you want to pull your
hair out but it gets real fun with ss3 and 4

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    05. 23. 2011 04:08

I'll tell you how to gain much exp and play for fun.just got a bo not classed until its lv
is enough for a ss4, in the main time, lv up the other crew in aa or somethong like
that, then, yu have saved a lot of time of painfully lv up and just have fun sinking

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    05. 16. 2011 22:42

1st. submarines are not underpowered.
2nd. To get experience go and get big ships.
3rd. SS1-2 are supportive submarines, which means, you have to protect your fleet
from incoming enemy submarines. Once they are distracted getting the bb,s its your
time to get them.Once you reach ss3 , get them. the bigger the ships,the more
experience you get.
4. getting 100 exp per room, sounds to me you are hitting your team Mates, there is
no reason, why a ss2 should get less than 1k experience without a premium account.

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    05. 16. 2011 16:34

its a defensive sub. (wait for the enemy)

train the sailors on pca if you want exp

if you want to condition yourself and learn the skills... stay in the ss2

when you get ss3 you can venture out

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    05. 16. 2011 16:07

The bonus knocks off half of the penalty for using torps. I think. Just throw the BO
on a moltke and AA up to vIIc, then play it. Youll have enough air to do some
damage, and the u flak can usually skip the BB line entirely and go for a cv,

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    05. 16. 2011 15:42

KM Subs are the crem de la crem when it comes to anti-sub warfare. Plus you get a bonus (I
believe) by doing damage to subs so do counter-sub especially in the lower tier subs (1-2)
Hunting bigger fish gets easier when it comes to 3-4 tiered subs and probably a lot easier
when tier 5 comes out.

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    05. 16. 2011 14:10

First dont go after enemy line with SS that cant manage the trip. Stay and defend your
line from enemy subs and atack only if your team is puched back(they come to you so more
time to do damage)

Also if they sunk you and your team is winning stay in the game. You will gain the exp as
if you where alive.

KM subs are the best. There is nothing better than them, so I dont think its ship problem .

  • Re : EXP ON SUBS

    05. 15. 2011 21:55

What blazer said. 125k+ games in my SS4 don't net me all that much XP.
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