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  • Recent Data File Configuration problem - fix

    05. 15. 2011 19:58

well, explaining things in text isn't exactly my forte so i'll be blunt.

if you are on windows vista you'll wanna go to
Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center

- on the left hand side of that window you will see an option Manage Network Connections -
click on it

The new window that appears will have the different network adapters your computer
uses/can use, most people will have 1 or 2. Whichever network adapter you use to connect
to the internet you're going to want to RIGHT-CLICK that adapter and go to Properties at
the bottom of the drop down menu that appears

- in that window you'll have a list of options in a scroll box - you want to double click
the one that says Internet Protocol Version 4

once there towards the bottom of the new window that appears you'll see 2 bubbles(top
being filled in) saying - Obtain DNS server address automatically and Use the following
DNS server addresses - you want to select the second option which will then allow you to
type in the 2 text boxes below them

next you're going to want to type out the new DNS servers you wish to use - the 2 i
recommend(complements to google) are for primary
and for alternate

after you've done this simply click ok at the bottom of the window - ok again on the next
- then close for the next window - you can then close your network and sharing center window.

reboot the NF launcher and you should be in business.

if you have any questions i'll try to answer them the best i can - as i said before im not
the greatest at explaining things via text. good luck and i hope this fixes some problems