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  • Nation UK Cvs

    05. 16. 2011 16:38

Friends I have A Very Big Doubt For In The Nation UK CVs are 7 and not 6 like the

  • Re : Nation UK Cvs

    06. 05. 2011 00:31

the IJN's main line is full of expensive remodels, that's why.

the 2nd line for the IJN only has a handful of ships that are very far space out level wise
until you reach the point both lines merge back into one. the 2nd line's first CV isn't
available until BO's level 60 either.

  • Re : Nation UK Cvs

    05. 28. 2011 20:50

ijn has loads of cv's.. far more than any other nation. ijn has two seperate cv lines as
far as i can remember. im not logged in so im going of my pitiful excuse for a memmory.

  • Re : Nation UK Cvs

    05. 16. 2011 21:34

its because UK CV got 2 cv 3s, MN got only 5, they got no cv5, sn got 5 cvs also, they got
no cv3 (note i didn't include the pcvs)